Pinched, Fucked. I need positive vibes.

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  1. Title says it all fella's, I got pinched early friday morning with a class 3 felony. Sat all day and over night in the local Po Department and then got taken to the courthouse this mornin at 8am for bond court.
    My luck with the law may have finally came to an end. Ive been so lucky its not even funny. I've beaten literally all the cases thrown at me. I was guilty every time and every time my lawyer somehow got me out of it all. This includes 2 dui's, driving on a susp. license and a felony drug charge to name several. All thrown out the window. This time may be a little different. In bond court the judge looked at all my background info and he was not happy. I just completed probation like 2 weeks ago and now this. Im fucked...he set bond at twenty fuckin g's(20,000) today so i had to pay 2000 just to walk otherwise id be sittin in county until my next court date. I posted that, luckily had the fuckin cash at my house in a safe or Id be behind the bars still. Called my 'ma and had her meet me at the court this mornin with the dough.
    Its so boring being locked up, I just cant take it, I nearly went insane the short time i was there, and now doing some serious time is something I have to come to terms with most likey. Not to mention my county jail is notorious...1 of the worst in the states. Cook County on the southside of Chicago...if you dont die on the inside from gettin shanked, you die on the outside from gettin shot. Throw me some positives vibes blades, I really need it right now.
    Also, if any1 knows there Legal shit, feel free to speak, I wanna hear what kinda sentence you guys think I should be looking at realistically. I talk with my lawyer in a few days, so I should have a better understanding of shit then.
    Thanks for listenin'...I just needed to vent.
    1 love ya'll
  2. Dude that sucks. At least you're not home alone because you can't go into Walmart. But all of your friends are at Walmart right now, high as shit, while you sit home.... :smoking:
  3. Shit dude, that really sucks. I'm just north of you in lake county man, the cops around here are getting people left and right.

    Hope all goes well on your court date OP.
  4. whats so good about walmart anyway its just a corporation that overprices their shitt6
  5. thats messed up, you got to get through it.
    keep your head up man.
  6. What kind of charge is it? What kind of shit is ON your record? (lol, props to beating those charges). The amount of time you serve will depend greatly on these factors.

    this sounds like some shit straight outta 'the wire'.

    smoke a fat blunt dude, it WILL help! :smoking:
  7. Felony theft is the charge.
    Ive been lookin at several different websites and they all say the same thing for class 3 felonies involving theft...2-5 years :(
    I know I wont be doin that long, but like I said I cant even stand 2 days without goin krazy.
    prior's are all misdemeanors - 3 poss. of cannabis and battery.
  8. Your a legit baller man.

  9. If you don't like jail, why are you stealing shit?

    anywho, sucks man, there's no way I could do prison, fuck that
  10. Just make sure you've got the same lawyer as before, sounds like they know their stuff. Be careful and make sure you're polite in court, if you and your lawyer make a good impression on the jury then you could be in for a light sentence or might even get away with it. If you do have to go to jail then good luck man, plenty of good vibes heading your way from me and the rest of GC. Don't steal next time though :p
  11. What did you need to have bad enough to steal?
  12. stealing shit isnt cool
  13. Karma's a bitch, huh? I feel like chastising you, but you already know that you fucked up. You'll need all the good vibes you have to fight this one, so sure. Good luck!
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    maybe you should become a contributing member of society.....:wave:

  15. what'd ya do?
  16. depends what kind of evidence they got on you, and all that shit if they got you 100% and you admited it i mean shit you probably iwll do some time im sure your lawyer could get it cut down by alot if he knows his shit i dont htink its that big of a charge but im not sure what 3rd def value is anyway id be working out every damn day just incase
  17. Just remember man, its best to get beat to a pulp than be someones bitch. Before you know it youll be back sayin whassup to erryone on here and back on the street.

    good luck brotha, keep us posted.
  18. That sux bro - Good luck to ya:eek:
  19. Being locked up for a while really blows. After a while you seem like you just go through the motions every day, and it's all exactly the same.

    Just remeber if you do go, it's only temporary. Keep your head up, learn from your mistakes, and don't get into that institutionalized mindset. You will most likley meet a lot of interesting people, despite their sometimes horrible crimes, so as hard as it will be, just try to enjoy the fact that life goes on, and the fact that you got locked up instead of shot and killed.

    I know how good people can make horrible mistakes... I feel for you man and I hope you make it out well.
  20. So what's good

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