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Pinche Perros!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by namron_420s, Mar 31, 2003.


    my gf's sisters dog decided to chomp down on my leg...now there is a quarter sized piece of dark black bruised bleeding flesh...and shit it hurts...like someone pinched the flaming fuck out of me with their teeth..oh...wait..they did...fucking dog.
  2. Damn, that sucks. Here hope this makes it better...

    ***Kisses the boo-boo***

  3. *wonders if now is the appropriate time to tell you where the boo boo is*
  4. *chuckles*
  5. welcome to the site!!!

    and ill try to keep the *chuckles* coming
  6. You said that it was on your leg. Or is it?? LOL

    No matter where it is, I kissed it.
  7. well..yeah..its on my leg...but rather close to my..umm..no no spot
  8. indeed

    it still hurts..bad
  9. not just any salve..i would imagine ben gay as stinging quite a bunch...
  10. neosporin+ it has a topical pain killer
  11. Getting bit by dogs to solicit kisses!!!???

    Really Norm.

    I would say I'm shocked, but we are dealing with Norm are'nt we?

    So what were we doing to get our groin area bit?
  12. damn what kind of a dog was it, i hate dogs that dont listen, i would of kicked it or something....
  13. Yeah I woulda had to sling the mother fucker across the room...
  14. You should get that checked out if it drew blood...especially if it's close to your no no spot :D
  15. youche!

    What kinda dog is it.

    I gotta pit, n hes a roudy ma fucka, so I know what its like to get bit by a dog :p
  16. I hope the kiss helped. LMAO I didn't know that it was near your no no spot. Oh well, anything for a pal.
  17. just so you know..if a dog bit you close to your no no spot..id kiss it and make it better too :p

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