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Pinch Hitters/One Hitters

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by DSher2k13, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. Do you guys like them? What are your type 3 smoking utencils?
  2. I don't really care for em. My three favorites are joints, glass spoons and bongs.
  3. One hitters are great, esp. w/ a dugout. I'm a beginning smoker so that's all I've smoked out of besides a J, but that was my first time and I didn't get high.
  4. I smoke out of my one hitter more than anything else. I like just being able to fill the dugout and be set for a little while. I smoke joints with freinds, and have other bowls and bongs but prefer the one hitter for most of my daily smoking.
  5. One hitters are cool if your out in public, but a nice sized spoon is my preffered method, followed by a bong, and finally a rillo.
  6. Bong --> Bowl --> Joint.

    I have owned a dugout + bat before, I loved it. The reality is though, unless you're out all day and need some stealth, they just aren't that practical to be your main smoking device.
  7. Bong or vape, depending on how much I have to conserve. Or my pipe to switch things up.
  8. Yeah i love them in situations like now. I have like 2 gs to last like a week so normally i bust out the old bat hitter and use that

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