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  1. I didn't want to put this in any other forum, seeing how it doesn't have anything to do with marijuana. Anyway, someone I know has some pills and we don't know what they are. Does anyone know of a webpage that could tell me by typing in the number on them?
  2. dunno any sites that do that but you should try typing them into google see if anything comes up
  3. take a pic of them if you can....but if they arent xanax, vico, or codiene i wouldnt take em
  4. Use your brains mate if you don't know what they are or where they have come from then PUT THEM IN THE BIN!

  5. Not sure about anything on the web, but you can go to the library and look at a PDR ( Physicians Desk Reference ). It has descriptions and pictures of most drugs currently on the market.

    But like Mickey T. said, If you don't come up with a POSITIVE I.D. on them, flush 'em!!!!! :smoking:
  6. well, duh...
    if you don't know what they are, don't eat them!
    unless you want a nasty surprise!
  7. try some kind of search on www.erowid.org

    could you explain the pills to us?
  8. Of course I wasn't going to take them. Taking unknown pills is a good way to screw yourself up for life.

    Why I was trying to figure out what they are is because I wanted to know what kind of medication this person was taking. Shortly after posting this I found a page that helped. I found one pill is an anti-depressant and the other a muscle relaxer. If you knew the person it would be of no surprise to you why they are taking them.

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