Discussion in 'General' started by crisco, Feb 20, 2004.

  1. hey i was wondering: lots of people on this site seem very against pills... what type are you refering to? almost everyone in my town uses painkillers... are you talking to people who are hooked on them? yeah just wondering.
  2. I dont think this website carries a stigma against pills so much as the fact that grasscity is a marijuana oriented forum. People come here (in general) with cannabis related topics and many feel that diverging from those topics breaks some unwritten rule on this site. But trust me, MANY of us use far more than marijuana. I for one am a past pill popper, you name it, ive taken it, swallowed, snorted etc.

    Personally im a recently gone clean(or cleaner) pill user and abuser of any every and all pills there are to use. I just quit a several year addiction to snorting amphetamines and various pharmeceutical speed/uppers (aderall, dexedrine, benzedrine, ritalin etc. etc.) I also was an avid opiate user (which seems to be the most recreationally used pharms these days) not only do i annually harvest my own opium from personal poppy gardens. I also got extremely hook on the scripts of various opiates...codeine, hydrocodone, oxycodone, oxycontin and up....then there comes the unending list of various other pharmeceuticals, uppers, downers and all arounders...."valiums" and other similar diazepines, "xanax" and all. hydroxyzine, diphenhydramine, dextromethorphan (which many seem to like ALOT on these forums..go figure) dramamine the list of possible highs goes on forever.

    On the other hand I do understand what you mean. Many people have a mindset that "if its not "natural", then its not good for me"..yet they fail to understand the basics of substance abuse and that EVERYTHING has a natural source, although some substances have the luxury of not needing to be refined (pot, psilocybin etc.) but others do..plain and simple... it all boils down to the personal chemistry and needs of the user and how well they can manage their recreational usage of said substances...

    to sum things up, dont feel uncomfortable discussing other substances than "the naturals"...because i know for a fact that theres a LARGE fraction of grass city blades whom have a much larger spectrum of drug choices than simply smoking a joint every day.

    and dont worry about the ignorants...you can't fight em...but you can give them the information they need to make their own choices, and aside from that theres not much else you can do about it than forget about them.

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