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Pills with APAP may be pulled soon.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by M1chael, Jul 3, 2009.

  1. It's not aspirin. And this has been posted before...
  2. Good fuckin riddance! Im always sick of tryin to do a difficult ass extraction process whenever im looking for a quick crush-N-snort high.

  3. tylenol..

    and i know this..

    i just always call it aspirin out of habit, nazi. :p
  4. This has been posted already, but it's about time they stop making drugs worst then they have to be:hello:
  5. I watched a news story about this APAP scare and was once again astounded by the stupidity of the average person. One lady was talking about how for every slight ache or pain, her family takes tylenol. And if one doesn't do it, why not take two? Or three? What's that, there's a recommended dose? One that I'm not supposed to exceed? Fuck that, what do doctors know?

    People are completely ignoring the dose that they're supposed to take and are surprised when they find that the side effects, the ones that are clearly printed as a warning on the side of the fucking bottle, are happening to them. All this shit is just ridiculous, people are blaming the pill for their own stupidity.
  6. /thread

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