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  1. Can remember in an old thread that pills over in america go for 20-30 bucks a pill.....Ive either got it really wrong or something...

    but pills over here in england go for £2-£3

    thats a big price difference....
  2. way off. depending what it is, its usually 1-5 dollars
  3. I know frank, i'm from ireland and pills here are very very cheap compared to america...£3 over here.
  4. thats kind of a strawman arguement if you think about it...you're just setting up false claims in order to knock em down...

    first off WHAT pills?...secondly since when does every pill in the US have the same ten dollar price range?..and thirdly..the US is not a one mile squared piece of land in the ocean like the UK (yes im exaggerating..dont take this as an example of my geographic studies in the US)..America is VAST, its HUGE...what one person may pay for a single pill on the East coast, I may be over here on the west coast paying double, or triple..what someone may be paying for a single dose of a drug in vermont I may be able to get an entire prescriptions worth of the same drug here in oregon...we have deserts, we have beaches, we have mountains, we have plains, we have forests, we have tropic RAIN FORESTS, we have thousands of tiny rural "middle of nowhere" towns, we have hundreds and hundreds of metropolictan cities ranging from a few fifty or hundred thousand to vast sprawling numbers in the millions...theres rain, wind, sleet, ice, snow, sun..every state has different climates, every state has different plants, every state as different soil, every state ha different economies, every state is a friggin countr\y among dozens of other countries which we like to slp the label of UNITED on....everything you claim is depended on not one single vast sweaping fact, every region, every state, every county, every city and town that make sup the US is DIFFERENT...what you claim, relies on the following if not more variables...drug markets are dependednt on supply and demand, what season it is, who you know, and how close you are to urban centers or sometimes rural areas, what local, regional, state, and federal laws are...to label one single priceline for a country that has 50 states which are all just as big as your sweet royal kingom across the pond is pretty vague and a low blow.

    lemme give you a quick round off of my current prices here in Eugene, Oregon (area population roughly 300,000) which is in Lane county, which is in the Willamette valley which is in northwest region of the state which is below washington and above california which is in the "northwest" region of the US which is on the west coast along the pacific ocean....ever study the "Oregon Trail" in school?....probably not, but hell, i never studied yorkshire pudding either...;)

    Codeiene: practically free since its over the counter in canada..a nice road trip and the dealer may simply charge enough to cover his room and board in kinook country...and if he bought crates worth of pills over a period of time to bring back we're talkin pennies to the pill (5-8mgs codeine/ 300-725mg acetominophen)

    other opiates..vicodin/lortabs/percodan..whatever you care to call them...these are the hydrocodones and oxycodones of the drug universe...synthetic opiates that are handed out like candy....no more than 2-7 dollars per pill..depending on if you got it off the street, through a dealer, or from a friend who broke his arm...

    FUNN opiates...methadone ($20-30), oxycontin (time release oxycodone: 5-40 bucks a pill depending on quality and dosage...does it have 10mgs of poison or 80mgs?..these are big questions to ask your dealer in a dark alley IMO)

    meth...I live in a city which is along the Interstate 5 freeway corridor...the main artery that connects all three west coast states (thats southern california (practically tijuana), up to oregon up to washington..hell even straight up to canada's border)....now I-5 is notoriously deemed the meth corridor...ingredients come up and down form mexico and canada...heading both directions making labs and synthesizing meth to sell to the minions of biker gangs and housewives in all the cities and towns along the way....so granted..ice, glass, crank, speed whatever you like to call it..its fuckin cheaper than anything you could imagine..albeit the prices still do rangefrom region to region...but not much...for good 2-5 bucks i could afford to be up all night..and all day..and another night..and another day...and another....you get the picture

    pharmiceutical speed...ritalin(mmm..methylphenidate) costs less than a doller when bought in bulk...Adderalls (a step up...these are true pure l- & d-amphetamine salts....) these babies costs from a doller to 4 dollers a pill..dependning on whether theyre the 5, 10, 20 or uncommon 30 or 40mgs) Benzedrine, Dexedrine all those "diet pills" you're grandma was raving about back in the day..thee get a little more spendy, about twice as much as an adderall due to thei discontinuation of production in most places...and the fact that they ROCK...black beauties and yellow jackets are a gift from god....but only if you use them for morally good reasons..like weightloss...wtf?

    ecstacy, X, E, candy, MDMA whatever floats your boat... I live in a land of raves...theyre in my town, theyre in portland, theyre in salem, theyre in seattle, theyre in tacoma, theyre in spoaken, theyre in olympia theyre in san. fran. theyre EVERYWHERE...and im only listing towns within the US borders...god knows what those rascals do up in vancouver or victoria island..and i dont even wanna guess whats goin down in tijuana and other decrepit tourist border towns of mexico....and likewise dependning on production efficiency and location these babies range form a good 5 or 10 bucks all the way up to namebrand stamped and kissed varieties in the 20s, 30s even 40s and 50s if the dealer can rip off ol timmy....

    sedatives, tranquilizers, antidepressants...i wont even mention the difficulty of aquiring these types of candy...hell canadian and mexican onlin pharmacies can have a crate of xanax, valium, whatever you need shipped to your doorstep within a week...ahhhh the good ol US of A..the land of the free rich people and persecuted poor junkies...

    anything else i can coer?..i can dive deaper into just the entire local druyg marke tif you like...weed (GOOD weed too....the same stuff canadians fart off about all the time, only we've been growin it in our northwest basements for decades now...fuck humboldt county and their hippy "organic" dirt weed....its about hydroponic indoor closely monitored weed these days if what you want is THC counts.....smoke your non-pasteurized shit somewhere else hippies! YARG!

    what tickles your pickle?...coke?...heroin?...DMT?..GHB?..AMT?..DPT?..DXM?... amanitas?(grow wild here)...magic mushrooms of the psilocybin kind?(also grow wild here)...mescaline?...Nitrous oxide?(PM me if you're in town and looking for local stores that sell)...LSD?...Ketamine??....or maybe straight up alcohol? (but i must agree i do love your western european styles of brewin...and no..nobody in their right mind besides someone just searchin for a buzz enjoys budweiser, coors, or anything else...just watch..some americans will post here and claim otherwise..but theyre in what is called "denial" and im not talking about a river in egypt...)

    dont take my post in offense Frank..mostly it was toungue in cheeck and exxgerations (no not the prices..those were real..but m comments were otherwise..)

    basically my point is you should take what rumors you hear about the US or any other country with a grain of salt..because if a friend visited boondocksville florida and noticed people who enjoyed eating cow shit...for that friend to return to your island and claimthat EVERY american and EVERY region enjoys eating cowshit is a complete fallacy and joke..and a little insulting to us back here... hell any subject..and topic...food, politics, drugs, preferences in trtansportation..ANYTHING...bring it up among a groupd of americans..prefereably one from each state..and watch those bastards argue till the break of dawn...you'd think each state was its own nation of creeps...


    "My ancestors never had Slaves! we were form the north!" NuBBiN
  5. WOW. You make and prove many valuable points. I agree with you 100%. I am sick of people from other countries saying how good their shit is and how everything american is dirt.
  6. haha when i got the email notice that someone had replied i was ready to bet ten bucks it was someone disagreeing with my beer comment....

    "uhh, i love budweiser..i LOVE 'tapping the rockies'!! my friends and I go out at night and drink twelve packs from the 7-11 like they were water (cuz mostly that shit IS water) and then we go shoot quails and pheasents and 'coons and drive around in our trucks and wave confederate flags chanting homophobic sayings and spouting derogitory comments to women with teased and sprayed hair three times the size of their actual heads!"

    thank god you didn't BF! i can rest easy!....LONG LIVE THE LAND OF THE SHITTY BEER (which isn't true because the US has the most widely ranging variety of every style of beer out of ANY country in the world...tell THAT to your friends down at the pub and see if you dont walk out witha black eye..too bad its the simple truth....consider those piss beers to be the "mcdonalds" of our country..that doesn't justify saying the US doesn't have any good yuppie expensive suit N tie "restaurants"...besides...most of the shit we brew came form colonial recipes brought over the atlantic by...YOU!)

  7. NuBBiN,

    I agree completely that popular American beers are of poor quality. I don't know if I would make rash generalizations about the types of people who drink them, though. All of the talk about hunting and trucks hits very close to home; I'm from Kentucky. Obviously, I don't drink the beer about which you're speaking, but stereotyping is unnecessary. I go to school in Washington, DC now, and I've seen more cheap domestic beer consumed since I arrived here than I ever did at home. Who's drinking it, you ask? Preppy rich boys tooling around Georgetown in BMWs and Hummers.

    I hope my comments haven't offended you, but I thought I should say something to prevent you from falling prey to hypocrisy. After all, your first quote in this thread was intended to dispel the assumptions that many Europeans share about the US. Let's not make similar assumptions about areas of the country with which we aren't familiar.

    By the way, I've seen my fair share of women who've used three cans of hairspray. I've been tempted to light up a bowl and set them off at the same time.

    Hmmm. Now I have something to do when I visit home.
  8. no offense taken at all.....in fact i completely see what you mean. my whole "hillbilly quote" there was MEANT to be rash and generalized..and you're right, many a frat party is lubricated with cheap piss beer (like i said..its simply consumed to get drunk..nobody in their right mind would consider it a connessieurs beer)... im sorry if i offended you..i was on a roll there with the stereotyping so i just figured i'd poke some fun...you're views have been well taken..

    since we're on these sort of topics..i wanna raise a question...being that im from a region full of Beer, Wine, Weed and Coffee snobs..I figured i'd cover the whole spectrum here... who likes coffee? who doesn't? what types of coffee do you like? are you a "folgers tin can" type of person (uggghh gag me with a spoon)? are you a wannabe yuppie who sits aorund a starbucks all day drinking a thirty dollar shot of espresso and whipped milk with a very "french" and expensive sounding name?....do you only drink homebrew?...do you drink.,..dare i ask..TEA!?...black? (foliage/bagged, or brick?) green? white? oolong? camomile? chai? mint? peppermint? caffinated or non?

    this is or every person and every antionality..it seems the US likes coffee over tea and if you pardon my vast generalizations it appears eastcoasters are not yuppie drinkers of said coffee...well, not since northwest breweries brought their wares across the plains...

    (see..the simple fact that I, AN AMERICAN know little about what the customs are of my east coast counterparts further shows how diverse a country we are...our population is derived of every nationality and race from every corner of the world mixed together like one big pot of international gumbo... we have the added benefit of having hints and flavors from each one of these regions customs and ways of life....so many choices!)
  9. mmmm, give me a big black cup of folgers any morning!!

    hahah, dont really care for the taste, but its cheap easy and keeps me running. couldnt live without the stuff :D
  10. nubbin; I want to live in your town.
  11. hes lookin at your avatar wishing that little bstard would get rid of his shit eating grin....my avatar is plotting....schemeing for ways in which he take your avatar out along with his creepy drunken grin

  12. U TYPE A TON!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. sorry..?

    i dunno if thats good or bad..Im a mod..im here continually..its what I get paid to do..although when I say "get paid" i really mean "work for absolutely nothing"
  14. I agree with u and its not bad u type a ton its just......u type a ton lol u must type fast.
  15. above 100WPM with errors...not too shabby

  16. Sounds like my weekend.... I'm from Oregon too, right on I-5. Its a good place to live.
  17. NuBBiN,

    From what I've gleaned from this thread, I need to come visit you. DC is not the place to be, man. Definitely Poops McGee.
  18. AMEN Nubbin............I swear, your comments were indeed the god's honest truth if I ever heard them. "Persecuted poor junkies"..........I loved it. You definitely know what you are talking about and you made such valid points.

    And I'm a hillbilly born and raised in southern wv where 4 wheel drive trucks and back roads are a fun night with some beer and your friends. LOL. I'm one of those free spirited hillbillies though because I detest stereotypes. LOL.

    But I just wanted to say that you hit the nail on the head, and I praise you for that!!!!!!!!!!

    Peace and love.............
  19. Wow NuBBiN man i want some of that fucking Oregon shit youre smoking. That was a bad ass post man.

    Now im gonna go smoke a bowl in honor of it, but right after this song.
  20. thanks guys im just speaking the honest truth from my perspective in the world. Min you, "oregon weed" can be just as nasty or just as good as any other region of the US, it doesn't take more than a walk in closet and fair investment in product to be able to grow some of the kindest smoke around, whether you live in Alaska (yeah its a state too!) or arizona.... nobody in their right mind would grow outdoors in any place other than a handful of choice regions...its just the pure economics of making a good product for good money in return.. any other questions i would more than be happy to dive into with you..but i think i covered the basics of where im trying to come from

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