pills at 8am =)

Discussion in 'General' started by waterhurley, Oct 14, 2007.

  1. last night my buddy came over and we chilled around the camp fire, had a few beers, smoked a couple blunts, told stories. ya know nice easy going sat night with a camp fire. i ended up finnishing my growler (64oz beer jug for those who dont know what im talking about) or some local brew DAMN good too.

    as were just chillin he hands me 3 5mg vics. he said he found them yesterday when looking for his "lost bag of hooch." well i woke up kinda sore since i tried the 300 kick on a tree branch and my foot lost. i smell like camp fire and just popped all 3. popped them like an hour ago and not feelin too much but my foot doesnt hurt any more! haha
  2. i like a nice little opiate buzzzzz in the morn. espically when im outta green
  3. being outta green sucks :(

    i slept last night on e, woke up and i feel good. i got nothing else to do im thinking of eating a pill lol.
  4. im pickin up 6 15mg roxis tmrw for 50.. im pumped
  5. Haven't had any opiates in over a month. I do wish I had some oxies though. I don't have any bud and a lil oxy would be perfect right now.
  6. im budless too... SUCKS doesnt it?

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