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Discussion in 'General' started by 420smoker, May 22, 2006.

  1. Ok number one, anyone ever done a pill called clonazepam? I googled it and talked about relieving some pain, anxiety, and seizures. To take or not to take? and should it be crushed up and blown?

    Other thing, When taking Ambien, your supposed to crush it up and blow it right?

  2. Can't answer the first question, sorry.

    I never blow ambien, because I hear it burns like shit and just comes on a little faster, but it does work.

    I wouldn't blow it just because ambien usually comes on surprisingly quick for me anyway.
  3. Yes, that is klonopin. I wouldnt snort them, try chewin them up they dont taste bad. Id leave the ambien for a day your havin trouble sleeping, and I would just pop them
  4. snort k-pins ... or chew if u got enough and cheap hookup .. (id snort 2mg .. or if i had 4 pills to go .. chew 4mg)

    ambien.. not relaly to fun.. dangerous .. id jsut eat that.. and tyr not to use for rec.
  5. i'm on 5mg's of kingpins right now with some soco and weed and dmt mixed in, i'm also in the most pissed off mood i've been in in awhile

    fuck everybody i'm sick of people
  6. Yea I found a fresh bottle of "king pins" in my parents room hahaha .5 mg each. My step mom she does just about every pill I find myself reading about here on grasscity. Hhaha she took half the bottle of my step bros vicodins that he got for a tooth being pulled. And I found Ambien in there along with some other stuff.

  7. and ur here.. and not going down to eckard buying some white pills and switchin that shit up? go buy sme exedrin .. ur mom wont notice scratch off the E on it and sitch it all !!
  8. dude klonopins are the bomb. i have a few .5s too. i usually pop 3. i think chewing htem would be gross. pluss chewing them doesnt help them work faster
  9. lol I took like 20 of them out of the bottle today, and did like 3 or 4 i forget.

    looks like ill have a supply of Ambien, King pins, and some stuff with codene when ever i want. just wait till she gets new perscriptions. :)

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