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Discussion in 'General' started by northernwidow, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. Let me start off by saying i personally am against anything that doesnt grow naturally, usually. i dont mind if my friends do whatever as long as their smart, btu for me, weed, shrooms, and salvia are it as of now. i dont do pills, boot anything, or even touch any harder drugs. But i do see the potential profit in them. So i have a question.

    I have severe chronic migraines, which in med states i would probably get a card for if i wanted( damn pennsylvania), and i am given these white pills whose name begin witha B, i dont have the bottle with me right now but will later. The reason i am curious about them is that on the label the drug is called (B...../ Caffeine Tabs). And to me caffeine is a "drug", but its usually "taken" in small dilouted amounts such as coffe or an energy drink, so has minimal noticable efect, but if there was a pill that was almost purely caffeine one would assume poppin a few would have you goin nuts. Or Maybe im just crazy for thinking they may have recreational value to someone. I am prescribed one for when i get a headache, and it knocks me out within 15 minutes, i go into a deeper sleep than a night blunt session puts me into(weird how caffeine would make me sleep eh?). I personally wont experiment with them cuz im not retarded and gonna risk my life for the sake of a possible high. but if someone knows anything about this drug let me know. Also the main reason im asking is cuz if they are valuable they will be sold, as i have pretty much replaced them with bud, as it is a much better treatment. their only used when im dry and have a migraine.

    also, is it possible that theres so much caffeine in it that its over tiring my body in the 15 minutes it usually takes to kick in and make me fall asleep? like for that 15 minutes does it just make everything in my body work so fast it gets too tired and i just need to sleep.

    Please answer, especially if you have any type of Ph.D (yeah i know its a marijuana forum and a doctor on here might be a bit of a stretch, but hey why not)
  2. caffine is a horrible drug in my opinion. I dont know what the pill is called but you can buy it in huge amounts at the store and my friend takes that when he feels a bad head ache coming. I stopped drinking soda like a month ago and i have more energy and am generally a happier person because of it. When it all gets out of yours system you will feel wonderful.

    My chemistry teacher used to tell me all about caffine so i guess its pretty credible info.

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