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Discussion in 'General' started by Hydrosiss, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. hey guys! great to be posting on the city once again, although i've been browsing around in the forums like every day, but to stay on point.....

    I had just gotten oral surgery today at like 7 in the morn, seirous surgery tho...they perscribed me a substitute for percocet called ____apap. this is where you come in...its a round white pill, break line, black on the break line side and the pill reads 512... i snagged a few when my pops left the room so help is appriecated!:metal:
  2. shit its on the tip of my tongue

    I call it
  3. wat kinda surgery did you have?? im having my wisdom teeth out in june and dont kno yet whether i gettin vicadin or percocets yet..
  4. He's right... 512's r round and have the line to break them. It is the same effect though. I would take like 4 and break them into pieces and take em all. Make sure you eat b fore though. Sweet pick up, sorry for the mouth surg though. JOE>
  5. for the dude who asked about getting his wisdom teeth out, yes they will give you the pills you find on Dlocs' link...anyways i just took two of them, will that get me feelin gooooood?

    Also, i got these pills marked GG 950 on one side, and PVK 500 on the other side, pill is white with a break line...thanks for all your help! :)
  6. i would do better at telling you what they r if you tell me the name of the drug itself. JOE> (hydrocodone,or tramadol)
  7. to Dloc AKA god of pills, would that PVK 500 pill give any effects or is it just something to help ease the pain?

    oh i did further research and found out the pill marked 512 is perc 5's
  8. its a antibiotic so im gonna go with a strong no on that 1. Its penicillin.

    glad i could help a little bit
  9. the 512s are 5mg oxycodone which is like oxycontin but w/o time release and 325 mg acetaminophen which is aspirin

    2 of em should get you feeling good... more of a warm fuzzy feeling

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