pill mixing question

Discussion in 'General' started by Hydrosiss, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. would mixing perc 5 with 2mg of xanax be good combination? also may take two shots of banana rum
  2. Prescription drugs and alcohol... I never mess with that combo. Too much room for error.
  3. Ive mixed oxycodone and xanax at much higher doses a few times. It is a deadly combo though. I know 3 people who died from oxycontin and xanax. So Im not reccomending it. If you do, do it be careful. It fucks you up and dont drink too much
  4. what do u mean? well how would it be without the alc? also i have a slight tolerance to both pharmacuticals

  5. I think that 5mg of oxy and 2 of xanax should be fine. Just alcohol intensifys pills. But you should be fine. Just dont take too many shots.
  6. take them, just don't drink
  7. I took 8 vicodins then went to a party and was treated to half a bottle of Patron. Bad mix.

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