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  1. got 4 pills...kid said they were valium 5's...one side is a capital G and the other side is a capital L above the number 10. round white pill, no break line..was wondering if anybody could verify for me before i take em. drugs.com or google did nothing
  2. nobody can tell you for sure what they are because its not hard to press your own pills. the guy could have just sold you caffeine pills and you wouldnt know.

    on the other hand though im pretty sure that one wouldnt kill you unless you were alergic so i dont really see the problem with taking one.
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    From teh drugs.com forum

    Sounds like you got jacked...unless, you know.. You've got allergies.
  4. Did u find a pic of the pill?
  5. http://www.pharmer.org/node/1644 ----- PIC

    you got screwed, Effects are :

    "In studies in which loratadine was compared to a placebo (an inactive tablet which was made to look like loratadine), the rates of side effects with loratadine was no greater than that of the placebo. The most common complaints were headache, tiredness, and dry mouth."--- http://www.medicinenet.com/loratadine/article.htm

    Sounds like smoking without getting high, haha
  6. Hydrosiss i like your "ridin dirty" sig. one time i was out late with my friends at night and all we could talk about was how "erry one was out to catch us ridin dirrty"
  7. :eek: No.

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