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  1. ok so rummaging through my medicine cabinet and i found a pill similar to a xanax bar but it says M B3 on the back and the front is divided into 3 pieces with a 5 on each piece. also some footballs also similar to xanax which say M B1 on them. are they generic zannys? And yes i looked up the numbers but couldnt find what i was looking for.
  2. prob by just a sec or two :D
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    theyre white but every link i found in google was not helpful at all just other people trying to identify them. thank you
  4. anyway is buspirine good shit?
  5. Thank you.

    Damn, how hard is it to Google? You'll get an answer MUCH faster than you will on GC most of the time, and it keeps pointless threads (like this one) at bay.
  6. haha i loved that little let me google that for you jaun, sorry im not a big google guy i prefer to get as much feedback from forums.

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