pill = done, report soon

Discussion in 'General' started by Perfekt, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. well, i took it about 10 mins ago, be back lata with a report, the pill was E, sorry for the foggyness of that!

  2. There are alot of pills out there, you should be a little more detailed.
  3. It was Cyanide, do he'll never be back with a report :(
  4. Cyanide? As in the substance which slowly makes everything in your body stop working and die a horrible painful death?
  5. lol think so
  6. That sucks man.

  7. Heh this guys real smart who took these, Fuckin jackass.

    Sorry yall, Im pissed, Drunk, and stressed. Bout to kicked outta my house tonight. My pops come in here and is like you dont need this light on. I turn it off and show him its fucking pitch black without it on. Hes like, Dont like my rules, Your grown, Move the fuck out.

    Looks like im sleepin on the street tonight drunk in the middle of a thunderstorm.

    Shit i might go sneak into the garage and sleep there.
  8. I bet you're too busy touching stuff like bass drivers in a pure haze of bliss to report till morning
  9. I hope your joking when you said he took cyanide, that'd be bad mmm'kay.

  10. Lol, sorry i thought my earlier piost would hint, I took E tonight. heh!

  11. So where is the report?

    HOW DID IT GO?!?! :)
  12. he should still be rolling based on his post time

  13. So how was/is it?
  14. Alright, well this might be kind of long but here is how our night went.

    we took our pills around 8pm, my friend started to feel the effects about a half hour later and around an hour later i did also. I felt very very nice, and we had these blankets that were really furry and i was rubbing it on my face for about an hour, it was nice. we both had a thing of OJ which was awesome, and we has these vicks inhalers that we would inhale in our noses and then blow into each others eyes. that was awesome! so around 1 we are both coming down so we go out and smoke some bud. that makes the roll seem like its coming back. so we are sitting there still rolling and then i pull out a mickeys from my closet and we drink that, then within the next hour we smoke 3 more joints and at about 4, we are both pretty tired, i smoke some salvia, and went to bed. it was a very very nice night!!!

  15. nice, that seems mad fun
  16. yea it was really fun, when we were rolling, it felt so good, cuz i have a 1k watt sub behind it, so we could feel the bass really well, it was awesome!

  17. Yeah, bass is nice, if you have a good aftermarket system, put some bright lights in your rearview mirrors and bump it hella loud. If your system is good enough the mirrors will shake so much you get tracers on the lights that are vibrating to the tune of the music. It's pretty fun. Go E!
  18. 1,000 watts RMS? Using it to its full potentional???

    Whatchu got then?

    Shit you could have a qtr of that RMS and you'd be thumping like a mother fucker.
  19. Haha cool.

    That story made me happy

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