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Pill bottles for storage

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Blunt Ashez, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. About how much would fit in the big pill bottle to the left? I got a couple of those lying around so I was wondering.

  2. my dispensary uses ones similar in size to the one of the left for 8ths but some bud is dense and only fill it halfway, others really fluffy and its almost packed in too tight.

    they use the one on the right for grams.

    there not orange with a white top though there blue, clear, green or sometimes orange. and they have snap lids. and a sticker on the side with the strain and weight
  3. probably 5 grams. I store my on the go bud in a pill bottle a little smaller than the one on the left (I take it you mean the one standing up) and it can hold an eighth.

    I wrapped mine in electrical tape to keep all light out. It looks lame but I know its good for my buds.
  4. Figure it out buy a sack and see how much fits lol. If I'm using a pill bottle I only carry about an 1/8 or a little more.
  5. About an eighth, I was using the same thing for awhile. Maybe 4 G's but you don't want to break you're buds apart.
  6. depends on bud density. i would estimate an eighth. DO NOT over-pack them, you will squish your bud. try to get a mason jar at walmart(5$), and use the pill bottle for on-the-go.
  7. Maybe a dub, im only saying this through experience.

  8. This.

    But Id say it could probably fit a gram per inch
  9. Sm ones: 1 or 2 grams. Med: 1/8. Larger ones: 1/4. Once again it depends on the nugs, but this is the norm around my area.

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  10. I had some dank dense as fuck indica and i fit 8gs into one of the bigger pill bottles. however mine did like a little bigger than that one on the left standing up
  11. Small ones: about 2 grams. Big one: about an eighth. Maybe 4g. Dispensaries give out ones that size
  12. ive fit a quarter in one of those before. i really had to break down the last gram to fit it all

    edit: it was a wide one though, it was tall and wide, where as the medium ones are a bit thicker and just as tall
  13. You could fit an 1/8th in there without it being too compacted, You could probably fit a whole 1/4th if you wanted to.

    The pharmacy on my college campus gives out medicine in purple pill bottles, I keep those and use them for carrying around small amounts of bud.
  14. Wow my bottle must be huge, cause we stored a quarter (ground) in mine. Unbeatable in keeping weed fresh.

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