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how dumb is that

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  1. the following post is my retarted theory as to why pot is \"illegal\" that i came up with while stoned off my ass
  2. one day long long ago this guy named general mills invented a cereal more potent than any other cereal that came before it he named it cheerios the government soon banned this product after a series of overdoses the police spent almost all of there time trying to stop the flow of cheerios but it didnt work and mister general guy grew richer and richer sooon he bought his own army who were bigger than the police and always made fun of them and pushed them

    this is were pigman comes in after having a long day and recieviving a wedgie from the cheerios secret police pigman was in a terrible mood while in this mood he saw a group of happy teenager smoking their marijuana tree plants without a care in the world pigman remembered all the good times he had had as a youth smoking marijuana just like they were so he approached the youg kids and said in his pigman voice
    \"hey kids give me those marijuana\'s\"
    and the kids responded \"why theyre not illegal are they\"
    pigman was about to say no no they are not and walk away but he realized he had an oppurtunity and turned his head slowly and smiled and said\"why yes, yes they are\" the kids were horrified so they gave pigman theyre weed and ran home

    pigman was very p[leased with what he had just done so he went back to the station and said pig pig pigpigpigman pigman thats pigman talk(theyre like pokemon) for hey if you tell kids that marijuan trees are illegal theyll give you their marijuana so all the pigmen went out and got themselves some free marijuana

    since mr general mills was a huge fan of the pot he was horribly disheartened at this turn of events so he want to the police and he gave them lots of money for a joint

    they all smoked this joint and came to an agreement mr general guy made cheerios far less potent so that pigman no longer had to worry about it and in return all the pigmen kept on stealin all the pot and smokin it with the cheerios corporation employees and thats why the next time a cop comes up to you and youve got a joint lit you should just be all like pigman man man pig which means I KNOW ABOUT CHEERIOS YOU DICK NOW LEAVE ME ALONE SO I CAN SMOKE MY MARIJUANA
  3. i apologize in advance to who has read this story those two minutes of your life are gone and no matter how much you wnat them back there is nothing i can do for you once again i am so so sorry
  4. imgonacome back to this and promis read it, oK skim it before I got posting things about pigman and cheeroiso and see I skimmeyed the first lines..Ill be back, after I drink some coffee adn eat bread like the rest of the window jumpin teeny mtv daddys grlrs that what?1 wanna get an attitude over a thing they dont get, because its not their business :) ok!
  5. damn i wish i was as stoned as you right now....
  6. thats fucking hilarious
  7. I remember u telling me that story now. LMAO
  8. that was pretty good.

    pigman man man pig. lmao
  9. That was well worth the two minutes of my life!
  10. haha thats pretty funny!

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