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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Rh0mbie_Babie, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. I need that bx shit then. So harlem haze is just haze and not piff?
  2. I hate the word piff because it means nothing
  3. i think that piff is just used to describe weed in general...idk...but i just use it wen i want to ayo! lets get some piff....
  4. Been a while since ii checked mah lil posting LoL but if piff is supposedly the type of budd tht isz grown mixed wit opium seedsz n opium isz poppy AND {lol} herion isz from poppy, technically itsz weed mixed wit heroin...?
  5. deff not harlem world that real piff comes from Wash Heights

    piff is just a slang term for really good bud nothing more nothing less
  6. where do people come up with this bullshit honestly?

    4 main types of headies lol wtf???
  7. Piff is Haze it is just a ny/cali term for it so like silver haze is sliver piff
  8. IdK boO.....iiM frm the Bx n i ALWAYSZ ALWAYSZ ALWAYSZ hit the heightsz LoL.....i havent cOme acrOss tht quality or quantity else where....maybe i need 2 gO where u gOin LoL
  9. hahaha i love how everyone talkin shit like they gott piff on lockdown! well i'm from ny too and werr talkin bout dat NY piff. im wit yall on the heroin bud. if u ever copped true piff from the block..the taste...the smell. gets u dum fucked up for jus bud...

  10. hell yea where in CT!?!?!
  11. My boys ride into the BX on the daily..pickin up elbows of some fiiiiiiine it's def there..just gotta keep on dat search ya dig?

    some BX respects for one of the best - big pun aka smuff daddy aka the mothafuckin flipper aka the tx hailling from the bx the mothafuckin puerto rican t-rex

    Oh..shiiit and you reppin' da bricks..hell fuckin yeahhhh
  12. "piff" is the sound a person would make when smelling something foul/stinky. Some nerd probably thought it would be a cute slang for smelly weed.
  13. In CT Piff is supposovly a type of bud, that is grown with opium. Ive had a few friend to have it.

  14. PIFF = weed injected with heroin??????? Plllllllease quit smoking...your making us ALL look as stupid as you. Piff is a "hazey" strand of weed prevelant to the nyc/nj area...just a unique strand...NO HEROIN, dumbass
  15. Damn dude, your in NEWARK and your driving to BX to get piff????? Newark has piff laying in the streets haha

  16. PS::: Big pun was one of the best (and most underrated) rappers of all time, good to see someone that doesnt stick to the lil wayne bandwagon
  17. Piff is just a "Hood" way of saying "dank". At least in the Northeast.
  18. piff is just really dank bud. i bought piff on friday from my trusted dealer and WHOA WHOA WHOA is was dank (lmao]
    (i live in ct btw]
  19. Yessir ~~> Brick Bandit LoL ~~> But had 2 come back 2 the city....n as far as piff goes, i guess {as stated b4} different regions have different names n different meanings, but it was interesting 2 c the different responses....

    N to that smart ass who said i didnt look hard enough.....i clda swore i said i was new 2 this n apologized if i was askin a repeat question......effn dickheadsz yOo....

  20. Maryland piff too

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