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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Rh0mbie_Babie, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. Wha gwan gyal, wha ta story seh? :smoking:
    But yeah piff is just that dank, same thing, different word.

  2. See now i dnt feel so DUMB cuz i honestly thought it was EXACTLY what u said....weed n coke or heroin or suntin else! i guess they just used the term differently.....
  3. It's a type of bud my friend had it and it was dank as shit. It is also a slang for weed in general.
  4. I've been smoking 4ever and I've never heard piff except on the city
  5. That's some old school slang. I think it was most popular in NJ, though obviously it spread to the surrounding areas a bit too due to the amount of commerce between NJ, NYC and CT.
  6. if your in NY, piff=HAZE.
  7. wait, in different areas, slang has different meanings?!?!?...AMAZING!!!!

  8. definately a work ive been usuing for the last 8 years in mass to describe only the best of bud.
  9. #29 Lebowski, Sep 7, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 8, 2008

    Heroin is a drug derived from poppy seeds.

    A Heroine is a female hero.
  10. that has got to be the dumbest thing ive ever heard and couldnt be more false from the truth. that bud looks like some kb too

  11. never hurd of injecting herion in to bud.. hmmm def can lace it with coke. round here we call that mainlining a blunt or j.. oh and for PIFF we al say that in my area (pa) due to rappers or any hood rat that has expressed their nugget is the bomb, fire, dopest, and stright up piff.
  12. Piff is not just an ordinary strand of bud. Its not just that bomb ass bud that u and ur ***** paid 25 a G for. Its no Purp. Its no Haze. Its no Cali Chronic. Piff is distinct from any other type of bud. Piff is in its OWN CATEGORY ALTOGETHER, not to be confused with the 4 main types of headies (Haze, Kush, HyDro, & Exotics). Now wen Piff is grown, its mixed w/Opium seeds which makes the HIGH of the final product unlike any Headies. If u ever herd of ppl smoking bud called Poppy, thats Piff just with an less adapted name seeing how Opium is Poppy. Coming from NYC, Piff is where its at,hands down. The best type of Piff is The Manhattan Brown, followed closely by The Redline Piff. Trust, if u gets it official from the block; Amsterdam Ave or Wash Heights youll expirience a completley differnt high. youll be piffed out

  13. Thats wierd.
    Mixing opium and weed. I'd rather just smoke good weed.
  14. my boy right here hit the nail on the head..piff is specifically..the strain haze..genetically crossed/mutated with the poppy plant..the outcome is piff..and the manhatten brown..often nicknamed the james by far the strongest in taste and high..its a very heavy head high..makes u tired..and the taste is like a peppery mouth watering flavor that floats down ur throat and into ur lungs..where it the continues to choke u....

    ..but piff gives u an attitude that no other "weed" does. It makes u stuck up thinking that piff is all there is..a slight addiction if u ask me..but further more it deffinately leaves u with a depressed state of mind once the high is gone..............these are thoughts coming from someone whose been goin 2 the heights and "shopping" around for years....piff is great..just dont smoke it all the makes u depressed and puts ur tolerence through the roof.


  15. agreed
  16. we use it in MA the times ive bought it it was some supoer bomb shit looked the same all tiomes had the same effects bought it from diff ppl, ive heard that its bud dipped in pcp , but idk and ppl use the term piff for anything high then beasters
  17. dank is just bud
  18. that manhanttan brown bush is not the best piff, that shits bush and opium, real piff comes from the bronx
  19. So there's a difference between haze in the heights and haze in harlem and bx? I'm from bx but I'm mostly in the heights and I know we call it piff over there and theres that taste I love but I can't remember if its different from harlem haze.
  20. well ive gotten piff from the heights and piff from BX, both are fiyah, but that bronx piff gets me so zooted, piff is weed that is injected with opium in the stalk, not heroin, and when its ready, its real wet and not green, more of a dark green/brown, mad hairs and mad sticky

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