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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Rh0mbie_Babie, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. Ok so b4 ppl tell me i didnt look hard enough {im new 2 this}....Im not sure i fully understand the term "piff" it a specific type of budd or is it just a term used to describe high quality budd? Can some1 lemme knw? Thnx:smoking:
  2. I never hurd of that term so i dunno, i hurd of spliff though and thats a joint, a j, a bone, dinamite stick, doobie. U digg my brotha?
  3. piff is usually good bud
    "superior to the average.
    Also a potent strain of weed/canibus of purple color.
    that bomb ass weed, that fiyah, that purple thats wat it is
    it is primarily "purple haze." from uptown NYC.

  5. Thanx, i guess like tht def says itz for uptown ny lol ~~> i thought it was a term everyone used but apparently not
  6. its used in most of new york now i ushally live down in li and go to the city alot but for summer im home and upsate and they say it up here but they call any beast bud that anthing that better then mids can be called piff really i dont like the term or use it ever shit it pot to me and from there good bad decent regs whatever
  7. As far as I know it just means good bud.
    A lot of people in NYC says its purple haze which is just false.
  8. alright im from central jersey and all we get over here is piff. piff or haze its the same around here. has that distinctive smell if anyone else knows what im talking about. it is banging bud some of the best shit i ever smoked
  9. Piff is super good bud, and also refers to songs that go fucking hard.

    "Come see me. I put out piff like I stapled haze to my CD" -Fred Money when he was only 16:eek:
  10. over here in CT piff is also Haze

    ^^ Chelsea FTW!
  11. LoL so maybe itz the tri state lol cuz i knw 4 a fact NJ sez the same....
  12. yeah deff a tri state slang word...

    Jersey piff

    New york piff

    penn piff

    all good shit.
  13. Yea, I live in Jersey and instead of using the word dank, we call our good buds piff, or if you're lucky, the piffiest of the piffy
  14. yo ive been tryna figure out what dank meant {thnx} lol:hello:
  15. It's that piffery dickery dock ya dig.
  16. I wish they'd just go by strains here...
  17. piff is weed and heroine. before the plant buds you shoot the stems with dope. fucks you up without the addiction. get it in ny or htfd for 25 a g.
  18. Basically its just a slang word from Uptown Manhattan (Harlem world!) that means headies, dank, or whatever you call the best of the best weed where you come from.
  19. You're dumb.

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