Piers Morgan rages at gun advocate: ‘You’re an unbelievably stupid man, aren’t you?’

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    Piers Morgan rages at gun advocate:

    The Founding fathers are rolling in their graves right now. What American watches this guys show regardless of your political affiliation who wants to be lectured on the Constitution by a pompous asshole of a Brit?
  2. I saw that interview, it took every ounce of will in my body to not punch my tv whenever Morgan's face. Good thing I didn't... would of been out a couple hundred bucks that I don't have. But that dude is a pompous dick, how the fuck did he get his own news show in the states anyway?
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    he was fired in Britain because he didn't check out the source for a piece he did that turned out to be completely false. Not to mention he wrote another piece telling people to buy stock in company he had invested in. He was investigated by the British government for unprofessional conduct.
  4. What a douche, but that sounds like proper qualifications for a show on CNN.
  5. CNN probably wouldn't have showed his story had he been here

    basically some fake pics of soldiers torturing people in Iraq.

    the real sad part is that there were actually instances of torture in Iraq being ignored by the media.
  6. Well you're just gonna have to put up with him, we don't want him in the UK either.
  7. The fact that he resorts to childish insults just proves he has no logical argument.
  8. piers mogan is a BITCH and is a tool of the new world order.shame on him
  9. even though piers morgan minus well be an american while he lives here.

    it is ironic to have a british guy telling us to give up our rights. Maybe he forgot what happened last time they did that.
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    Did Piers Morgan trick you guys into thinking we liked and trusted him?

    Because that's the only way I can see how he has a talk show in the US.

    Just ignore him. He's an odious supporter of the Establishment and has a long history of professional disrepute.

    And really have to laugh at a Brit lecturing an American about their rights. We're still legally second class citizens. Fuck, we're not even citizens.
  11. Yep, he got the sack from the daily mail.

    I am ashamed to say this guy is English, he has no idea.

    Arm teachers i say.

    What made me laugh is when he said the boys mum had 6 guns, so what, the problem was the mum didnt put the guns away very well or the boy would not of been able to get hold of them.

    Blame the mum not the 2nd amendment.
  12. i love how in politics that no matter is said, the opposing person will twist and manipulate what they said into someone completely different and thats total bullshit to gain the upper hand, and no one ever calls them on it... #CUNTS
  13. Yeah, you guys can keep the lying prick. :p
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    piers morgan the puppet, i do disagree with the other guy on the kid being evil though I dont know if the kid was actually "evil" i'd say very mentally unstable, i think he was also on meds at the time...
  15. I love what we disseminate to the people;

    If you don't agree with what I have to say, you're clearly just utterly ignorant and we should have no discussion other than the one about your idiocy.

    Fuck TV.
  16. Funny thing is, many people watch him - how he acts - his rebuttals - way of responding to an argument - and use it in their daily lives or find arguments to get into people.

    it's like a game of Simon says. It goes farther than that too, it goes to the Democratic/Republican paradigm.
  17. I did like what the NRA said...."To stop a bad guy with a gun, you need a good guy with a gun."
  18. LMAO! Funny, because he picks only on certain people.

    Remember when he debated on gun control with Jesse Ventura? Well yeah, he got embarrassed so badly that he asked for a commercial brake. Piers only picks on people he doesn't think we'll rip him in a debate. I'd love to see him call a former Navy-Seal and Governor a disgrace to American safety and things of that nature, but he won't have the balls to.
  19. That was the best Morgan interview i have seen.

    Jesse: I will tell you about your BBC and world trade 7

    Morgan: We need to go to a break (while he is breaking into a sweat)

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