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Piers morgan calls constitution "Your little book"

Discussion in 'Politics' started by tflga, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. [ame=]COMPLETE: Ben Shapiro CUTS Piers Morgan DOWN - YouTube[/ame]

    gets handled by this young whippersnapper here :wave:

    bout time this guy gets some justice
  2. With Alex Jones on the show, it might have not been very clear about how much of a smug bastard Piers really is. But hopefully this guy makes it clear. Trying to have a decent conversation, but Piers just showcasing how he "debates".

    And, Piers seems to admire Britain and their politics, but the feeling isn't mutual.
  3. Sharpio is a dumbass. This is the same guy who favors more military and law enforcement spending, as well as more restrictive laws against abortion and pornography. He has also spoken in favor expanded government wiretapping powers of suspected terrorists.
  4. I havnt heard any thing about what this guy is saying but from what ive seen, Sharpio knows what hes talking about, presents himself in a very professional way, and I look forward to doing some research on him.

    P.s. Fuck Pires Morgan:devious:
  5. Piers Morgan is still mad about that whole "revolutionary war" scuffle we had, give it up Morgans, you lost.. And your not going to disarm us as you and your "chaps" get ready for a round 3.

    America Ftw.
  6. Yeah but he just worked Piers Morgan in the above discussion.

    It would be an ad hominem to discredit him in the above video for his stances on issues other than the ones being discussed.
  7. Piers Morgan can suck my little book.
  8. they need to stop inviting piers morgan to be on tv

    hes a cunt.he needs to go back to england or wherever the fuck he came from and shut up
  9. Piers is sooo STUPID! AND EVIL

  10. Abortion is MURDER.:cool: Are you serious?
  11. I think some of you guys forget about the Bill of Rights sometimes, just because you don't agree with what he says doesn't mean he has to go back to England lmfao.

    Anyway, the way I see it, I don't need The Constitution to tell me what rights I have. So I guess that I agree with him on the sentiment that the Constitution is just a "little book", but I guess I'm just in the minority...

  12. Thread hijacker. Lol.
  13. He likes getting a rise out of conservatives. It funny how they keep taking the bait.
  14. Assault weapons are already illegal...... sigh

    damn media making up terms about guns
  15. That idiot gay Piers doesn't know the history of this country, and he doesn't even know the history of his OWN country. The RKBA goes back long before American existed.

    The possession of a military rifle is what turns a subject or a slave into a free man.

    It isn't any more complicated than that.

    That arrogant fucking Limey scoffs at the idea of Washington turning on its own people (which it is already doing). What a fool.

    Famous last words: "It can't happen here."
  16. Yup.

    I would never expect them to figure that out, hell they call rounds "bullets" and they call magazines "clips." WTF.
  17. I don't agree that its just a little book.

    But that aside, I could care less what shapiro advocates. He handled piers like a doll
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    but you can tell he's not even objective. He's all emotional appeal. there's no intuitive thinking or any creative debate. edit: no point
  19. I think it's true though, that he gets his jollies by rustling the jimmies of Americans who don't have his mindset.

    I'd rather have Keith Olbermann or Glenn Beck to watch than some prat like Morgan.

  20. in his own way... but at the same time ...

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