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  1. I know there has been threads like this, but people get new bars and such all the time.

    What sorta holes do you blades have?

    I personally have...

    Left ear- lobe and just yesterday got industrial
    right ear- helix
    left nipple

    Blaze on
  2. -Five in my right ear (first hole stretched to 0 g., second hole stretched to 12 g., third hole stretched to 14 g. and two cartilage stretched to 14 g.)
    -Three in my left ear (first hole stretched to 0 g., second hole stretched to 12 g., third hole stretched to 14 g.)
    -Left nostril

    -left eyebrow
    -tongue web
    -both nipples
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    I have

    2 in each lobe
    1 in my left cartilage
    1 in my right nostril
    1 in my tongue
    1 in my belly
    1 below the belt

    a retired 2nd belly hole
    and a retired monroe

    I think it sounds like a lot more than it looks.
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    I got my nipple pierced on a $20 bet :(

    Needless pain for useless aesthetics that look stupid anyway imo. Especially lip rings..."did you have a fishing accident?"
  5. just an ear stud.

    might get a nip ring somewhere within the next year. not too much of a piercings guy.

    Got my first tattoo, really like it, definitely gonna get more o those.
  6. lip rings are HOTT with 2 T's on the right kinda guy.

    ...or chick :p
  7. i have my tounge and eyebrow. and my ears of course but they are stretched to a 4.
  8. my ears at 6g, and i had my eyebrow pierced, but decided after a month i didn't like it
    there is no scar, let it be known
  9. The only current holes i have are my snakebites,
    I had my left eyebrow about a year ago, there is a scar, but no one really sees it, But it IS pretty noticable.
    Also had my ears pierced but didnt really wear earings so much so those have closed up, but im thinking of re-piercing them so i can stretch.
  10. now..
    lobes at 2g
    2 lobes at 18g (standard, above the first)
    left conch (I want to get my right, too)
    and nostril!

    left lip (still have the fucking scar)
  11. Every one seemed to have an eye brow at somepoint lol, as did i...
  12. I know there is a ton more people out there, lets be serious....
  13. i never warmed up to the idea of having a cold piece of steel stabbed entirely through a piece of my body.

    I love em on girls though. belly button, lips, nose, ears, titties, eyebrows, pussy, buttcheeks, whatever can be pierced. you name it. love that shit.
  14. Ya eh, so sexy. A sexy lady with some holes is mind blowing hot.
    mmmmmmm (drool)
  15. I've had a lip piercing for a couple years, but to be honest I'm getting sick of it.
  16. I had a labret in the middle of my lip and spider bites. I've pierced my lip about 7 or 8 times because I had a few surgeries that made them close up while I was asleep. Now all I have is one in my left ear cartilage. But eventually I plan to get back my spiderbites and maybe the labret. I miss them. I also want to get a vertical bridge, possibly maybe a nose ring, and a whole mess of shit on my ears. For my ears I hope to get cartilage piercings going all the way up and I'm thinking ear strings with (fake) pearls threaded through. But idk for sure...

    Piercings are neat. :)

    I thought of stretching my ears for a while, but decided not to. My dermatologist told me that all kinds of people are coming to him to have their sagging ears stitched back together because they can't get jobs!
  17. ya my job is pretty damn cool about that... no problems yet
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    I have two piercings in my ear, Dont really wear them all that much though. Have my eyebrow which I also don't wear all that often anymore and I have my labret/lip pierced in the center which I wear almost all the time but when at work or whatnot.
  19. I just have a regular piercing in each earlobe, as in it isn't gauged or anything. I plan on gauging it eventually, just haven't gotten around to it yet. I'm thinking about getting snakebites in the near future too.
  20. 6 in left ear, 4 right ear, right nipple, both eyebrows left retired due to a car wreck, septum retired, right nostril retired, lip retired, labret retired, earl retired, webbing retired, reverse prince albert retired, & tongue. I think that covers them all.. Then a bunch of ink..

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