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  1. i got my tragus pierced in december & it gave me some problems, then in may it started to heal up, and just a few days ago it started to hurt really bad and it got crusty around the hole. anyone know what's up with that?
  2. what color is the skin around it?
  3. Well call me an idiot but where is your tragus?

    I got my left ear pierced 10 years ago (eight years old). I remember my dad gave me this weird foot ear ring he had about a six months after I had gotten my ear pierced. I think it was a fake silver and my ear got all infected. It was all crusty and what not and just really kinda nasty. I had to stop wearing it because it made my ear all fucked up. Turns out I can't wear fake silver jewelery. I had this necklace in sixth grade that had metal spikes on it. My neck got all rashy and what not.

    If you're ear ring (or whatever :p) is silver, it could be fake, and you could be allergic to it. If that isn't the case, you might want to go down to your mall and stop in whatever the girl store is called nowadays where you can get your ear pierced and talk to someone who works there. (Or if you live around a tatoo parlor, they usually do piercings as well.)
  4. mall? NEver get your ear pierced in on of those disgusting places. Those guns are used improperly and by untrained people. They can shatter cartilage. They are horrible.
  5. the tragus is the tabby thing on your ear. it's silver, but it's real silver. i made sure of that before i got it pierced. and the skin around it's red.
  6. Sounds like the start of an infection. I would recommend some Tylenol or ibuprofen. Don't take aspirin as it has an anti-platelet effect which would inhibit clotting. Also pick up some polysporin anti bacterial cream.

    If it doesn't go away in three days, or begins to get worse, see a physician.
  7. piercings take up to 1 year to heal.. so thats another answer
  8. isopropal + antibacterial ointment... take the earing out and make sure that is completely disinfected too.
  9. yes it must be an infection. i've got 5 cartilage piercings and those never fully heal either. always getting infected one at a time. must be the same thing for the tragus. i don't think those piercings heal for a longggg time. just keep twisting the backs of the earrings and cleaning it daily with a cleaner. if you're dedicated, should heal up soon. if not.. take it out before it gets any worse.
  10. May be infected.

    Clean with antibacterial soap,
    saline solution,
    and antibacterial ointment.

    Should heal right up. :]
  11. if not already the beginnings of an infection then DEFINITELY irritated
    go out..buy some satin soap or regular dial..the orange kind and clean it twice a day...once when you shower in the morning and once at night before bed
    and buzzard is rite...NEVER get piercings at the mall..they use unsterilized equipment and jewelry...and want to know how they "train" the people to do it?? they show them ONCE then say go for it...even if its a simple lobe piercing, nothing fancy...always go to a professional

    but yeah..your trag is def not healed all the way yet..so just keep takin care of it..but dont over do it since its already irritated...just that twice a day..and wash your hands before you touch it...EVERY TIME!!

    btw..i used to vol in a respectable piercing/tat shop in mass;)
  12. it's all better. i cleaned it with some soap.
  13. what are you cleaning it with?
    ear piercings take the longest to heal, and definitely more tlc than any other facial piercing. my conch took almost a full year to completely heal.
    I would do sea salt soaks and baby it... give it time. good luck!

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