Pierced my ears..

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Bob Mullet, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. And now my parents are trippin. Its rather hilarious, for the the fact that im 20 years old. They have already basically made me quit smoking.
    Im tired of them thinking they can run my life. I need to move out.

  2. I moved out and pierced my ears. now that I moved back home, parents made me take em out. Which is bull because they were at 2's. happened today actually
  3. Lol... uhm...

    My mom told me not to do any of the shit I do... I have 0 gauges in my ears, and a septum piercing and snakebites.

    And very visible tattoo's that she didn't want me to get.

    So... why listen?
  4. For me, its more of a respect thing. My dad thinks i should live my life like he did when he was younger. Working full-time and always keeping busy. I've already been to school longer than he has so he cant really talk shit, but he is the parent and especially when im living under his roof, and hes paying for my insurance, what he says goes. LOL

    But i do my own rebellious things, this being one of them, and still smoking weed behind their backs.
    I mean my mom is tight, but shes just fuckin crazy.
  5. Are tats and piercing that big of a deal? Shit, try messing with them a bit and tell them you're gay. They'll love it!
  6. Dude just pierce them, but don't gauge them. That way when you're around them just take em out. That is assuming that you live in a dorm for a majority of the school year...
  7. my mom attempted to force me to sign a paper stating I am not allowed to obtain any piercings or tattoos ever, when i was 16. 3 tattoos and both of my ears being pierced later, all I can say is: nice try mom.
  8. Hmm... I see...
    I respect my mom too, but I still think I should be able to do what I want while I'm still young.

    I'm 19 btw.
  9. Haha, this reminds me when I was younger. My dad becomes butthurt when someone mentions tattoos or piercings. He still thinks weed is "bad". Lol, he is such a noob.
  10. Honestly I dunno why i pierced my ears. I kinda wanted to be different but every stoner in my town has their ears pierced , a pimped out dopemobile, and SRH merchandise out the yin yang. It just draws attention to u and makes cops suspicious. but I respect the hell out of my parents for what they have been thru and what they have done for me but i DGAF wat they think about my appearance. Caring wat other people think of you is a form of narcissism. I say do what makes you happy but don't just follow the crowd. And as long as u live with them u gotta follow the rules. u can always get that shit done later too. there will always be a tat artist or a piercer ready to make art out of your body
  11. Just tlk them into it. I have both my ears pierced and my mom is just "okay"with it.
  12. Yea my folkd were always agaist peircings on guys,much less gauged out ears, but when I had my own apt I perce and now I got 1/2" gauged holes on both my ears,
    Point of the story: if it were upto my folks I'd b at home studing with my shirt tucked in, that's why u gotta lead ur own life, imean respect ur folks, but u do only get one life, and its urs.
  13. Well put ^^

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