pieces vs joints vs blunts

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  1. Which is your favorite?
    I see all of these really awesome pieces but I like joints and blunts better
    and out of the two I like blunts better
    they just smoke smoother and they are fun to roll
    especially once you get good at it

    but I just thought I would ask
    and why do you like what you like better?
    and if you dont mind, you should throw in some tips while your at it
    I dont get to see other people rolling blunts or joints I am always the one rolling
    a blunt can always be better right? :D
  2. I like a combination of them all, just for the sake of diversity. I cant stand smokin joints every time, or smokin out of pieces every time it just makes it the same.
  3. I'm a bong man mainly myself I like the feel of it. I like to smoke a J when I have to make some long walk but when I have the chance I smoke bong. I find spoons kill my throat and Js give you this kinda chalky feeling in your mouth. in regards to Blunts idk man I've never smoked one
  4. i like bongs they can give u a nice smooth hit or a harsher one depending on the piece so u can pick ur style my bong broke though so i generally use my pipe given its a bit harsh for my liking ill take a joint though if im gonna do a wake and bake just because having to roll it wakes me up (weird right?) plus its harsher hit helps do so too (prolly wouldnt help if i was a tired high kinda guy)
  5. ive never toked outta a bong but i would say blunts are my fav then a spoon because i love them then joints.

    joints would come in second if they didnt burn as fast but i still like em. i like blunts cus of the flavor and smooth ass hits. i like spoons because it wastes no weed at all and they look cool as hell. and i like the occational joint because its a smooth quick smoke that gets the job done =] and ive had some great memorys with joints lol. like once i was gunna smoke a j with my cousin but he was getting drug tested so couldnt and his friends were totally anti drug so i toked up in a popeyes bathroom quick just cus i was bored as fuck and when i came out they left without me xD i waited there for like 10 mins like WTF?!?!?!?! blazed outta my mind just chillen lol
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    That always seems to make just about every situation ok doesn't it lol :hello:?
  7. lol it was pretty sweet actually some random people said hi to me and i was thinkin "hey know that is a nice person...sayin hi to me and everything =]" then i had fun at the park lol
  8. i would rather smoke out of my glass cuz i feel a lil healthier doing it lol but next comes blunts. used to smoke 5 or 6 phillies a day but after a while i couldnt even run without having to stop and catch my breath. i used to smoke a lot of joints but when i moved in with my girlfriend i noticed they burn to fast.
  9. i like joints. simply because i always have a ton of bud so burning fast doesn't really bother me, plus i have one of those 4 dollar cigarette rollers so i can just smoke in the car while i drive and it looks like i'm puffin a marlboro because it's perfectly straight and burns slow.

    but given the choice i will never turn down a nice 2-footer.
    spoons are for poor fools and middle schoolers
    blunts are okay they just take a shitpot of bud and are a pain to roll sometimes.
  10. I think joints, smoking a joint is a more all round sensory experience, I like rolling them when i'm high, just not too high, then it becomes a bitch and it's better to have a bong.
  11. sadly i've never had a blunt i'll have to ask my brother to get me a blunt pre rolled, i prefer joints but if your alrdy blazed a harsh bong is just the way to get me talkin about paradoxes :D
  12. I think you should edit the thread and put a poll in
  13. I smoked joints for almost 6 years, bought a bong a few weeks ago, but joints are the thing for me..

    A joint isn't just a joint for me, I see a joint as a piece of my hand.. It's like always there.. and I love the feeling of having a J in my hand and watch a movie.. I can't chill and watch a movie with a bong.. :D

    Go J's! :smoking:
  14. I usually smoke from my bong because it's less wasteful and less smelly. When smoking at home I like to leave as little smell as possible but joints are better for out and about. If I go to a party, I'll take joints, if I smoke while walking my dog; joint. On the way home from school - joint. As long as I'm at home though, always going for the bong.
  15. bong at home, joints when I'm out
  16. I like using pipes a lot for some reason. Blunts and joints have their places for me. Joints for driving usually, blunts for groups. Pipes just make things quicker and easier, and when you use herb that went through a good grinder, I think it gives you great hits that can really be tasted well. Blunts and joints don't really give you that the entire time if you ask me, and I like to enjoy the bud I paid for. Just my thoughts on it, I know tasting the bud isn't always something everyone thinks about but to me, nothing beats the first hit on a fresh pack.
  17. I try to switch it up a lot. Blunts are great for certain occasions. Joints burn fast but if I'm smoking on the go that's my first choice. I like spoons and bongs when I'm trying to be conservative with my stash...I always use a grinder too nothing beats the smell of freshly ground herb!
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    I prefer pipes the most. I feel like I have the most control over my hits and most of the time, barely cough.:smoking:

    I learned that today after spending a few weeks just smoking out of my bubbler.

    I have hit a bong a couple of times one day, and it was amazing. Blunts, I've only smoked with a group of people, and I enjoy those too.
  19. if im at my house ill smoke outa my bong cus it gives me a better high then anything else but i love blunts 2 they look cool and there and there good if ur drivin around. joints r good too if u want to smoke nd be quick nd discrete. pipes r alright if u got nuthin else 2 smoke outa of.
  20. for me bong>steamroller>spoon>grav. bong>blunts>joints

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