Pieces On Plane

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  1. Well im gonna be flying soon, and I want to bring my grinder, and mini bong and bowl with me. Of course they would be clean as can be. Could I just stuff them in some clothes and put them in my luggage to go under the plane? I mean there wouldnt be a sign of weed, and I could say its for tobacco. I wouldnt get in trouble right?
  2. my friend flew from california to maine with a few pieces, he just boiled them out and cleaned them with some type of glass cleaner.
  3. yeah all of them items are legal as long as its for tobacco. so they shouldnt say anything
  4. Thanks both of you, I figured as long as theyre clean ill b good.
  5. im sick and tired of all thes mother fuckin pieces on the motherfucking plane
  6. If you are worried just put them in a ziplock with a small bag of tobbacco.
  7. If I wouldve seen another 1, I wouldntve made a new thread, so calm down and dont read it.
  8. As long as they're clean your in the clear.
  9. it was a joke. ever seen snakes on a plane?

  10. He was making a joke on the famous Samuel L. Jackson quote "I'm sick of these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane!" he wasn't being mean or pointing out there were threads like this, although there are a few.
  11. ahaah, oh, my bad then, damnit, ive never seen th@ movie
  12. You'll be fine bro. Just make sure there is no bud residue on the piece. I like the idea of putting them in a bag of tobacco. Fucking smooth.
  13. as long as its "clean and clear its under control"

    clean & clean lol.. i'm pretty high.. wake and bake before work.

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