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  1. I know this is kind of a broad topic but I've been smoking blunts and out of a nut driver for awhile now and I'm ready to get a piece. I'm a family man so I only have $20 to spend on a piece. I'm thinking either a Chillum or a nice bowl. But if I go with the bowl, I want it to be deep and have nice size. Can anyone give me an idea if I can get a nice piece with a deep bowl for twenty and under. Again, I know this is a kinda a broad topic, but any help is appreciated, thanx.
  2. Yea man just check your local headshop out, they should have an under 20 section with bowls, dugouts, chillums and stuff
  3. Right on man, I did not know that. Thanx for the help.
  4. Yeah I'm sure you can get a decent bowl/piece for $20...But if you spare the extra 10-15 bucks you could probably get a bubbler which would be way more win.:smoking:
  5. Forsure it would. But I'm more of a discrete smoker. I dont want my son carrying bubbler asking, "whats this daddy?" Haha
  6. go online and just get something really cheap of ebay
  7. I would just try to get a handblown piece that is a good artwork piece. If I were you I would try to get a mini sherlock bubbler (only about 4in tall), they cost like 10-15$ so they are in your price range. Plus they conserve weed while getting you higher faster :smoking:.
  8. Maybe I've been living under a rock, but I've never heard of someone smoking out of a nut driver.
  9. yea dude you actually could buy a small bubbler for a bit extra if you wanted too, you'll get some smooth hits with the water in it
  10. A headshop should have a piece in your price range but at least where I'm located gas stations randomly have cheap, thick, heavy bubblers and spoons and stuff. Might want to check some convenience stores.
  11. Raoul Duke does not make questions like this
  12. You can find cheap bowls at foreign stores they usually have a glass case with random stuff like lighters, cell phones, bowls, grinders, etc

    I bought my bowl for 15 bucks at a revol phone store. Everybody loves it and says it hits like a beast.
  13. Thanks for the advice GS. If I werent on a T-Break, I'd blaze in honor of this thread. :hello:
  14. Flea markets often have really cheap pipes, I'm sure you could find one there for <$20.
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  16. I think for under 20, the chillums you can get will be better than anything else. Look for a chillum with a nice deep bowl, although if you can find one with a donut in it, those hit wicked smooth, but hard to find for under 20. Plus they're VERY discreet, easy to hide, and give thick hits.
  17. To tell you the truth. The best piece you could buy (besides a quality vaporizer), would be a dugout with a metal/glass one hitter.

    I got mine for $15, they usually sell for 10-20. Pack a bowl in 1 second, and bring it everywhere with you.

    The only downer is it's horrible for circles. If you're regularly smoking with more than 2 people, buy a nice glass bowl or something..

    Seriously though a dugout is the #1. personal use piece for the road.

  18. Good tips, I'm a solo toker and have been up on the fence about either a dugout or a nice glass bowl. Hmmmmmmmmmmm??????????
  19. i'd go with the bowl, you can get a pretty nice one for under 20$.
  20. at a LHS bowls should run you about $20 bucks , one hitter $10 to 15 bucks
    smaller bongs about $ 30 to 45 and you could get yourself a pretty decent bubbler around
    $ 45 to 60 bucks. just talk business usually the prices can go lower.

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