Piece Rememberance Thread

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  1. As long time smokers, we have broken one of our pieces at least once in our smoking time. In this thread, share your grief (pictures welcome).

    My first was back in December, had just purchased a sick pipe for like $15 or $25, I can't really remember. Well, I smoked out of it with my buddies, and as I went to get out of his car, it falls out of my pocket and shatters on the concrete. Bad vibes were had. But then I realized I bought a bong that night, hit that shit and my pipe is old news. Kind of glad this happened, because now I dislike pipes, I'd rather carry my bong around with me in a bag.
  2. I can't even remember how many pieces I've broken. But the one that did get to me was my bubbler. I loved that lil thing.
  3. Rest in pieces Venom, CEO, Snowman, Grenade, and others I can't think of right now haha.
  4. never broke any of my pieces. i take care of my shit. on the other hand, my mother doesn't. rest in piece Luke.
  5. my Ex stole my hvy straight tube
    the grinder and chillum in the pic were misplaced in a bag on campus last week.:(


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