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  1. I've got about $50-100 to spend on a piece, mainly for use inside of my room (I live with my parents, and they perfer me not smoking, so it needs to be something with not much odor).
    I'm going to buy a smoke buddy too, so I wont have to lean out of the window (I think..)
    So i've got a few questions... What would be a good piece to buy (I was thinking some sort of portable vape / pen vape)?
    and, what are some good tips to getting smell out of a room? I do have ozium, which destroys mal odors.

  2. Get a Vape! Magic Flight Launch Box's work perfectly for discret tokes, plus the odor is very small by itself. Plus  it's better for your health.  Really high customer reviews too! I don't have one but my friend does and it works amazingly.
    You can usually find one on ebay for cheaper but try and order one off the website then you know what you're in for.
  3. Yeah man I know all about the MFLB. I've personally hit my friends, it worked decent, however it didnt really produce the hits I would like. The first time I hit it with him it worked amazing, but i tried it a few days after and the hits were a lot less weak, maybe the batteries were low, idk.
    I've been looking at a bunch of pen vapes/other portable vapes and have many in mind, anyone personally own a personal vape?
  4. I have a MFLB and i agree you just dont get that hit you really want. I think for the money you should look at a bubbler or something maybe even steam roller.
  5. Just get a nice spoon, or little bubbler. Something made of sturdy glass that's easy to clean & unlikely to break. Get something that will last, and does the job.
  6. If you're looking for a cheap personal vape there's the puffit. I don't think you'll be able to find one under $100 though. I don't see why you have to smoke in your room though, why not just go outside to smoke so that the odor isn't an issue?
  7. I wouldn't but a Vape Pen unless you know you will always have earwax or get one you can put herb in it. Have you seen the CloudVape?
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    Vape pen (I like my Omicron pretty well) would be the way to go. Smell isn't as heavy, I get a smokey hit if I want it, but it's not going to be like hitting a joint or pipe. That seems to be the trade, IMO, you get a big creamy hit, it's going to smell and linger longer, a vape doesn't hit as hard, but the smell dissipates quickly.

    (Oh, depending on what kind of vape you get, you may need a steady supply of wax / oil, as they don't all vape bud)

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