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  1. Do you guys name your glass? My friends and I always had a tradition of naming our pieces before taking the first hit. I have a lil glass pipe I nicknamed Clutch bc it was small and stealthy and always came in clutch for quick hits. Then I had a blue, red, and white glass pipe I named America (my favorite piece of all time until it got taken away by campo smh). I now have a helix bubbler, but dont know what to name it..any suggestions?
  2. Nope.

    And nope.
  3. never named a pipe, nor do i ever intend to.
    if its a bong, i call it the bong.
    if its a bowl, i call it the bowl.
    if its a vaporizer, i call it the vape.

    regarding your piece, i would name it helix.
    because it is a Helix piece.
  4. I don't name my piece,never got into that tradition.

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