Piece names?

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  1. What is the name of your bowl, hookah, bong, etc?

    My bowl is named Ziggy, after the first son of Bob Marley.
  2. i don't name my pieces anymore.

    what i have had:

    Blue (Blue Dot bong. My favorite)
    Sherly (sherlock....derp)
    Shelly (Sherly's replacement)
    Dr. Mambo (sick piece made by Lawrence of Blue Dot)
    Misha (ADS bong)

    can't think of any others
  3. My current pipe is named "Pikachu" because it is yellow and black.
    My old pipe, before I lost it, was named "The Dude" after The Big Lebowski.

    And my friend and I just went to a headshop a few weeks ago and bought him a new red and black bong. We ended up naming it "The Lady Killer". Lol
  4. My one and only colorful bubbler, Jazzy.
    Though it's nickname is also Sponge Bob, 'cause the design looks like the flowers in the back ground of the cartoon. :smoking:
  5. my spoon is named the jellyfish
    my bong is named capt america
    and my hammer still has no name:(:confused:
  6. I named my bong the aeroplane
    had i used have a dragon bubbler that i just called the dragon but that broke.
    but im getting a new mini bong, bowl, and bubbler, from my friend thats at amsterdam (owed me money from getting him bud) and i cant wait to get those and name them too :)
  7. my spoon is called pearls, or baby pearls
  8. My bong's name is Dr. Feelgood, my new spoons name is John Walters, and my Chillums name is Chillikowski.

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