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Piece-making thread

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nuto, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. So I want to make a new piece, but I don't know where to start. I would love for this thread to be a place for people to post pictures, guides, and stories about self-made pieces. Go!
  2. ok first and formost u need a bowlpiece...

    look around the house and see if u haveanything...

    go to the garage and grab a cupple of your dads sockets... (the pieces that go on socket it if ur not sure... also Citysmoker420 wrote an entire guide on this... u shood check that out)

    grab a pen/marker and hollow it out...

    grab a bonding... gum or hot glue..

    and a sealant.. duct tape or electrical tape

    bond the bowl to the marker or whatever ur slide is...

    then make a hole in your chamber and then fix the bowl/stem in place...

    as for a chamber... get creative... if u want something small... a honey bear works great! ive made at least 3 in my day...

    you should check for some glass jars and try and make a glass bubbler... if u cant find any hosing at all you should get a cable wire... and strip the insulation off and use that...

    if u dont have that... use a pentube... and use alighter to bend it to the right shape


    check the bathroom and garage and kitchen for bottles taht would be good for a bong...

    u want something semi ridgid (so not a waterbottle)

    if u cant find anything use a gatorade bottle or a vit. water bottle they work well... but i hate the way they look
  3. yea man get creative. ive used chia pets, star wars lght sabres, vases, gatorade bottles a whole buncha shit to make bongs.
  4. there are TONS of guides on the internet showing you, with pictures, possibly videos, of how to make home-made pieces. search google. not trying to be an ass, but it would just be a lot easier with pictures :smoking:

    once you become knowledgable on how a bong, or piece, or whatver works, you can begin making your pieces more advanced.

    i once made a perculated bong with an ashcatcher out of things laying around the house. obviously, it didn't hit as smooth as a real bong, however it worked well enough to get a good months use out of it.

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