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  1. i was more of a drinker the first half of college, but I tried smoking a few weeks ago and had a blast. I want to get a piece for myself, so I don't have to mooch off other people (and i can try it alone and stuff). i think bongs are a bit too big and serious for the kind of smoking i'll do (you never know though, i may upgrade in the future), and vapes are expensive. Spoons and bubblers seem practical, but what are the +s/-s of each?
    +:small, easy to conceal and bring everywhere
    -:harsher smoke than bubbler, sometimes hot
    +:use of water to cool smoke, still kinda small
    -:noise when using (but i've heard it's still quiet), cleaning(? i'm not sure)

    i don't have a car and i'm fairly busy with work, so looking for a headshop isn't really an option (but if i get the chance, i will look around because buying in person is better and easier i've heard). grasscity has a wide selection, but if I order it to my dorm, is there any risk at all? i've searched for other threads on this and they say it's a plain box, that says Amsterdam on it or something, so it doesn't sound like anything should be a problem, but I just wanna be prepared for the worst.
  2. If you order it to your room the college can't do anything since it's for tobacco. ;) For piece's I had a bong in my dorm room freshman year. It all depends on your RA. But either get a bubbler or a sherlock.:smoke:
  3. Some college dorms won't let you have any sort of pipe. Just look at your rules cus you wouldn't wanna get kicked out of your dorm for a piece. I had a small bubbler and loved it, I just pocketed it and used it everywhere. If you're looking for concealment get a batty. You can't beat that.
  4. I'm a freshman in college. I've had a couple pipes and a nice bong. I didn't bring any glass to school though, and have been smoking mostly paper for the last month or so. That said, I just bought a bubbler 3 days ago at one of the many headshops here in Ithaca. I think it's the ideal piece for a college student. It's healthier, and you can take much bigger rips so you get higher, so you end up saving some bud (hopefully). Cleaning it isn't a big deal. With regard to the sound, it's not that loud. I think if you were to get caught, it wouldn't be because of the sound. Lastly, most kids have dry pipes, and having a nice bubbler will get you smoked up a fair amount.
  5. i wouldnt smoke in or around my dorm unless the RA was cool...i never did it in my dorm freshmen year, although i did it at KU in my friends dorm.

    i am in college and i have 1 pipe, 2 bubblers, and a 18" bong...but i live in an apartment
  6. thanks for the responses so far, they're helpful.
    i'm leaning towards a bubbler, but they seem more expensive. can anyone pm me any other sites, preferably US based ones so shipping doesn't get too bad? (can't post em, right?)
  7. sent ya a pm
  8. I'd get both. A bubbler could be like 20 up. Around me in the tobacco shops, bowls are like 8 dollers for a small one. 15 for a big one. 20 for a huge one.
  9. definately get a bubbler i got one 2 weeks ago and i love was 30 bucks and hits like a champ and gets me fucked up FAST they do make a bit of noise (mine actually whistles when i take my finger off the carb haha) but you can easily compensate with some music (necessary when smoking anyway) and they dont put off much smell if you start smoking in the dorm especially with papers pick up an ionic breeze of the internet they absolutely kill the smell of any smoke whatsoever if you blow into them
  10. I have a bubbler and i love it. Its a very hard hitter and is conceable. I say get a bubbler if you want a small hard hitting smooth piece they are the best hands down.
  11. Get a chillum, perfect for collage. If you smoke in public people just think it is a cig
  12. def get a bubbler, if you wanna smoke and dont have water for it that's not too big a deal either, a bubbler without water hits harder than most spoons. And as someone else said you'll get smoked out more if you have a bubbler. A pretty nice one goes for 20-30 dollars.

  13. .. UBC? lol.
  14. I'm not sure about where you are but where I live, you can just go to a gas station and they sell a shit load of chillums, bubblers, and pipes. (glass)
  15. i have a bubbler, and its great for college, also i like your sig ^^^^!!!
  16. get a chillum
  17. I have a 1foot roor i keep in my safe, and a vape i use alot. i had a bubbler but it was stolen
  18. Haha, thanks ICU.
  19. make a lightbulb vaporizer. it wont smell, and you will save weed.
  20. they made it illegal to sell toking tools in kansas...my old roommate bought one from a shop in kansas like 2-3 years ago and when he bought it they were having like a half off everything moves now sale because kansas was making it illegal to sell

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