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  1. This is Blue Daffodil. I cleaned her not too long ago, and I'd like to share a before/after pic.


  2. Nice! Damn nice bowl, love the colour changing glass. Definitely want to get one now

  3. thanks. it's definitely a good buy. i got it at the local head shop for like $25. I've had it since the beginning of june and surprisingly it hasn't broke yet.
  4. thats a sick pipe.
  5. thanks. i used bling on it because i wanted a perfect clean instead of just salt and iso

  6. I've completely cleaned a pipe with ISO and fine salt. Looked brand new.
  7. I'm kinda retarded and I don't know how to mix it properly :p
  8. Did it come right out with the bling or did you need to scrub?

  9. i put the pipe and the bling in a zip loc bag and just shook it around pretty well. it came out with minimal effort on my part
  10. simple green is were its at just let it soak wich is smart dont have to shake it around and risk breaking a piece:D
  11. Word, the two best specialty cleaning solutions are the ones that you just soak in. Those are Simple Green and Grunge Off Super Soaker. I prefer GO because it works a LOT faster then SG but SG is great for stuff around the house!

  12. true true. depends on how fragile the glass is i guess. I'm honestly surprised this bowl hasn't been broken yet. it's taken a beating. (getting dropped, etc)
  13. i might have to get some GO my lhs has one bottle left i heard you cant soak stuff in plastic?
  14. i soak in iso for about an hour, more if its real bad, then do the ziplock and salt and fresh iso shaky shaky method. Also rinse with hot water to remove salt and the stubborn chunks of grossnes.

    It all spakles like brand new after 5 minutes of cleaning

    91% Iso for me:smoke:

  15. Make sure the bottle isnt damaged or whatever if your gonna get it. Its really fucking amazing, HAER.
    You shouldnt soak stuff in plastic, but I bought a small clear plastic cup to soak downstems and such in and the plastic is corroded on the inside but I got the cup specifically for that (it was about a buck)

    Or just use a glass lol
  16. lol ok ok i got ya would a pickle jar be cool? first thing that came to mind:smoke:
  17. If the jar is as clean as new then it would be ok!
  18. clean as a whistle:smoke:

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