Pie Xany 'Bars'?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by KeepSmokinReefa, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. Been lookin for a script of Z's for a good deal, And my buddy said hes gettin em soon but thier 'bars' he said then said they pies. I asked him and he said naa they the 2 mg's and even break into 4 but thier still pies/circles.

    Never seen of these and all ive heard are they are extended relief.

    Anybody ever come across these and know?
  2. No, but I think it'll be legit. I mean xanax comes in alot of forms. Its almost like skittles. I've seen plenty of xanies in different colors and shit. Some do different and shit and some just fuck ya up.
  3. Yes they are the ones im prescribed.

    theyll say mylan a4 on them. they are indeed 2mg xanax.

    have a good time
  4. There are controlled release 2mg xanies that are circles, there are blue 1mg circles, just ask him the imprint and color and look them up on your friendly neighborhood interweb
  5. i was perscribed instant release 2mg once. they were round not bars
  6. That worked out/linked up.

    Still aient copped em, Bitch wantin 3.50 a pill like naa.

    But ive seen they exist, Watin on a better deal.
  7. $3.50? Shit they're up to $6 where I'm from and they're probably gonna cost more than pain pills soon.
  8. i pay $2 for 2mg. sheeiit prices are high. when i get my Rx i sell them $1 a pill to ppl i know.
  9. xannies are expensive in our area if you don't know a person with a script, you will be taxed 90% of the time. keep looking bro, i know for a fact cheap bars are there ($3 a bar)
  10. Damn, $3.50 a bar would be a pretty good deal around here.

    I only know of two people in my area who sells xans.

    One sells them for $4/mg. No joke. People buy that shit up too, because it's just not around. She gets $400 a month from just one guy for 100 of them, and still has 50 left to spare.

    The other dude usually sells bars for $5, but I get 'em for $3 a piece, I guess because I've known the cat for a while.
  11. about a year ago i could 2mg bars(wavies and flatbacks) for 1 a pop, if i bought more than 100 they'd go down in price, 100 for 80$ etc. they're expensive as fuck now, if i'm lucky I can find em for 2 for 5, if not they're generally 3 a piece, I don't fuck with them nearly as much now because of the price.
  12. Main, I have a hard time payin more then 2.5 a bar.
  13. 5$ is regular street price in my area.I get them for 3.50$ though from a good connect.
  14. Got about 25 bars left so i gotta cop real soon.

    My mans had em for 2 a bar but fuckin cant get ahold of him phones shut off i thank hes dead. Jus joined a drug gang and its a rough block. So hes prolly R.I.P.

    Gotta hit my other mains up tommrow and try to get cheaper then 3-3.5 a bar.

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