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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by unoit, Jul 14, 2002.

  1. HIGH All, jjjeeezzzz been doing some reading and WOW did I miss something.
    People say this is just a Marijuana related posting City?? Shit and here I've been posting pictures about cherries and Berry pies and fishing and mushroom picking and hiking and sunsets and sunrises and snow and trees and Woodbug and a biten chevy and pictures from planes and helicopters and creek cleaning and shit I could go on and on.

    Now I know these things are not Marijuana related...BUT WAIT...or are they? Yes they are. I'm BUZZED All the time so I think they are marijuana related. What do you All think.
    Should I keep everything I post Marijuana related as in Growing and toking? Or just leave me alone and post what I want related to marijuana or not. I have soooo much to share and I hate being GREEDY.
  2. post all you want we love hearing of you and everybody elses crazy lives.
  3. Keep up the good posting Unoit. Your post have been very good, makes us all hungry and filled with envy but all is good!

    Critter weren't you supposed to PM me that leaf to smoke?/ hahahahalol
  4. i think i know what hes talking about, i think everybody knows what hes talking seems to be the first "scandal" of grass city, and yes, everything is related to the herb, not necessarily everything in its physical form, but the experiences that are greatened by the herb, be it berries, or boobs...regardless its alll part of the experience,

    KEEP POSTING IVE ALWAYS LOVED YOUR POSTS...its great, yours was one of the first posts i read and it totally warmed me up to the site:D:D..keep em coming
  5. HIGH All, just as I thought!!!! Thanks you All for your kind words my friends. I hope Shiva treats you All with what we love so much.

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  6. super pic, i love that pic...i would LOOOVE to see it would definatly be breathtaking, and to be, that must have been amazing.
  7. WHere are the fish pics?? I need to see a big salmon again rather than $10.00 filets we have here.
  8. highya guys n gals dont you dare stop your pictures...'sides most of us are HIGH when were viewing em' too. thats gotta count for somthun. eh? i always figured it did.

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