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  1. K i wanna see all you tokers marijuana and see how it looks. This is mine its some High Grade i got the other day.
    (Shitty Pic Tho)

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  2. This is 11 Grams left over from the 1/2 Oz i got for $140. This is some great bud!
  3. forgot pic, but here it is.

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  4. that shade of green is CRAZY!!!!!!! [im high]

    i've gotten Oos of white widow excatly like picture attached

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  5. The bud looks mad nice, the green doesnt really look like that it is just really light from the flash and my grow light in the backround.
  6. No new pictures as of yet.

  7. Mighty that looks like some thin ass, weird looking weed dude i wanna try sum now *LOL*
  8. here's mine..... whats we call triples around here...b.c's usually.... this is our cheaper weed...... dank shit is more pricey.....rate away...

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  9. man, i wish your cheap was my expensive now.. we have crap around here these days

  10. We buy our grams in strips rolled up in tinfoil like that, they're known as tinny's.

  11. '

    your guy to cheap to buy sandwich bags? lol
  12. No I mean everyone in this country sells them like that.
  13. this is a hydro nugs[​IMG] its a good high, bong hits are extremely smooth untill you exhale 2 tons of smoke.[​IMG]

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  14. I have the best weed ever. It is 50$ per 1/8th. It is a nice hazy high that will literly knock you on your ass! All yall should be jelous
  15. lets see it..
  16. Nice Lookin Bud Gravy *DRooLs*
  17. $90 on a Oz man thats cheap i wish prices were like that here.
  18. Hydro, those dro nugs are amazing. I bet they fuck you up nice.

    Gravy, you got some bomb nugs, too. I wish I had either of those!

  19. dude.. its 20 a gram here. thats technically 280 per 1/2 oz... yall are lucky
  20. bored...;)

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