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Pictures of Yellowing Leaves - Please Help!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by emax420, Jan 27, 2004.

  1. Here are a couple pictures of one of our plants. There is both a top and side view showing the discoloration of the leaves. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.



    And here is a picture of our current setup...

  2. are u ferting already, if so what u useing...

    if not ferting, looks like is low on N......
  3. yea we started to introduce the plants a bit we are using miracle gro 20-20-20 and used about 5-7 percent in the spray bottle, but i think we have only fed it once or twice in about a week
  4. def fert burn....

    flush the soil, and feed every 2 weeks....
  5. thanks man

    so we will just continue to water it without any fert until it goes back to normal and then fert once every two weeks if that is correct.. do yo know about how long it will take for it to go bac kto normal i would say that it has been like that for about 4 days ...
  6. those damaged leaves may never recover, but the new growth should be vigorous when everything gets back to normal :)
  7. thanks guys..

    what about if we prune those leaves that are already yellow? will that work?

    and what you guys think of our setup that we have for our first? it aint a grreat picture of it but it gives the basis idea
  8. great set up..

    and dont prume...
  9. ya just let em die.

    if they are yellow and falling off, then get em but for now the plant is still using them.

    your soil looks dense. maybe i would repot them into a much lighter soil. also...that will help to reduce the nut's that are in ur soil. flushing may not be enough with dense soil.

    and very nice setup with the lights. but that is gonna be alot of space when they get bigger...hope u got lots of room and lights. and with that much weed...i think u should invest some time looking into soil prep's. maybe go to a local garden center and just look at the soil mixes and try to understand why they are the way they are.

    fyi that is the brand that i centers and nurseries buy it in bulk...maybe u can get it a few pots full at a time.

    nice and light and good for the short life span of a well fed indoor grow.

    heavy soils better suited for outside, long lived perennials.

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