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  1. Had To Post Some Pics So you can see atleast what my pot looks like ... Desktop Cam

    My Pot Shes a Beauty !

    10 Seeds in dis Baby
    Look At That Lucious h2o
    Look At That Beatiful Soil
  2. Your not suppost to plant all the seeds together, root tanglage is serious! I suppose you could wait until they pop and then separate them by gently pulling them out. So you should invest in some very small square pots so that you can put your young plants in. Its also gonna be neccesary to label those plants to tell which is male or female, so do that investing in the pots.

    Weres yer lightage ? and do you have another grow room ?
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Witch should i use ?
    Square Ones


    Oval Ones
  5. imma go with the sqare one i got 2 seeds almost germinated imma putt in the and i can use the lids underneth it for watering but i have to drill a hole in the bottum of the container

  6. Exactly what kind of system is this???

    Whatever container your going to be using make sure you have holes at the bottom for drainage, and i hope your not planning on leaving them in that for the entire grow.
  7. allready poked holes and no im using these because they are smal witch would make it eaiser to move to a bigger pott
  8. what's the point of the air pump and water supply below when you're growing in soil?
  9. its not an airpump it recycles the water so everything i water them with is fresh and the same temp as plant and soil at arroun 75f-80f

    Hense water recycling ewual high h20 in da water

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