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pictures of perculator types youve seen.

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by zxzDarkCloudzxz, Feb 4, 2010.

  1. anyone have any pics of different kinds of perculators they have seen?
  2. tree,dome,halo,waffle,showerhead all the ones i heard of.
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    no but i can name them and get pics on request

    tree (i've seen so many trees, 1arm to 52arm)
    dome (again, so many different kinds of domes)
    halo (exclusive to zob)
    circulator/showerhead/ufo (as a fixed stem, and in a dome-style 2nd chamber)
    inline (as a stem, and in a 2nd chamber)
    cup perc (exclusive to hisi)
    waffle (exclusive to sgw)
    inverted 4arm (signature of SG, but also made by sgw)
    showercap (i've seen made by MGW and SYN)
    swiss (cheese) perc (only one i've seen was made by nate dizzle)
    treeless perc (also called swissarmy, fused4, etc, exclusive to toro)
    spiral perc (exclusive to china)
    skull perc (chinese dome with more drag)
    gridline (exclusive to SG)
    gridcap/griddome (also exclusive to SG)
    natural perc
    disc diffuser
    there's more im just tired of thinking
  4. what is the cup perc?

    kinda like the u-perc?

    the u-perc is the only one i didnt see in your list. i think just about everything else is covered?

    disk diffusers as well
  5. natural percs too if im not mistaken.

    Very extensive list GG very nice work.
  6. cup perc (i think it's also called a u-perc actually)
  7. WTF is this thing called??
  8. That would be a stemless to inverted tree, can't really see how many arms in the picture.
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    that is an old school inverted 4(yet there are more then 4 arms) from SG glass^^ those are Heady Glass's pics it looks like though

    gridded inline (stemline)
    Fixed 4
    Pillar perc
    hamm perc
    inverted 4 (now with gridded slits)
    vg circ (welded to the base)
    SGW inverted circ
    SGW gridded inline
    SG peyote perc
    bates disc perc dome perc

    damn, I'm sure there are still more :smoking:
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    that's an inverted7. i've only seen inv4s. is that made by TCT?
  11. wow a true 'glass genius' :rolleyes:

    SG sovereignty man!
  12. This thread is a tease, It promises pictures, only delievers lists. :(
  13. i didn't know they made inv7's, only inv4s. the 'stem' looks like TCT's

    pick something from the list, i'll get you a pic of it. i'm not going to waste my time compiling a pic of every one.
  14. steve does not..that was a toob that was a one time only deal a while back.
  15. holy crap where can you find an inverted like that? CGC stock is empty atm, im trying to find a piece :(
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    Crazy Pics So far!

    So many of these are hard to find through google Searches alone :eek:
  17. #17 zxzDarkCloudzxz, Feb 4, 2010
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    you said it!
    whats the difference betweena shower head and showercap perc?
  18. showerhead



  19. thought id bump this thread. i added pics to my first post.
  20. Hurricane perc!


    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWM98ksDsaU"]YouTube - Hamm Scientific Bubbler[/ame]

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