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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by DuTaz, Feb 9, 2003.

  1. I just got my camera back and i could not wait to show off my plants this is my first grow and i think they look great

    they are 8 weeks old and 3 weeks into flowering and they are about 3 foot 6 and looking great.

    I will post more pictures now that i can

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  2. Picture 2

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  3. :D hey dutaz.. are those your feminized mazar plants i see there???

    also.. if theyre 3'6 right now.. how tall were they when you initiated 12/12 for flowering? how could you tell when to switch it on em?


  4. for the first 2 weeks the lighting was 24 on then after that I put them on 20 on an 4 off till the got to 12in tall then I put them on 12/12 I hope his helps and yes they are Mazar plants

    I have to tell you all it's really nice to get my camera back because I love to share my babies with you all so I have been playing today and i have taken a few more pictures for you to see I'm posting them right now

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  5. more pics

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  6. more

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  7. a few more

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  8. more lol

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  9. last one for now lol

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  10. Those are some good looking buds.
  11. HIGH All, oh ya very nice. Gotta love it when you can posts pics of your babies. I remember (yes it wasn't that long ago) when I got mine...couldn't stop posting...guess what I still can't stop.
  12. damn they look good...they must stretch quite a bit, from 12" to 3'6 in 3 weeks...any ideas as to how high they'll go?....Peace out...Sid
  13. good god these plants are looking incredible, i have never seen such nice looking bud, good job!
  14. very very nice plants. What sort of soil mix did you use my friend?
  15. wow those bitches look amazing are they a strain that does better under hps ive tried under 400 hps and the leaves would get real droopy and the plants wouldnt be full
  16. the plants in the pictures are Mazar but I'm going to grow all my plants under hps you just have to make sure you water them when they need it try not to over do it, and thanks for what you say about my plant i will try to help if i can but this was my first grow but not my last
  17. man those are some sexy looking plants. cant wait till mine get that big.
  18. yes it will be worth the wait

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