Pictures of my plants on my phone

Discussion in 'Security' started by Cody227, May 5, 2011.

  1. So I have a couple pictures of my plants on my now broken phone. The phone is a touch screen and now the screen doesnt work at all. I have full warranty and can get a new one any time. All I have to do is send my broken phone to the warranty place and theyll send me a new one for no charge. My question is will there be any chance of them going through and seeing the pictures? Any chance of them reporting the pics? also, people send me picture messages of weed and I think some of the messages are still on there...any problem with that?

    Thanks for the help. Phone is a Samsung A177 if it matters.
  2. hold a very high powered magnet to your phone, and just tell them the entire thing shitout.

  3. Hell yeah. Erase it manually.
  4. You say you have a full warranty- does it cover accidental damage? If so, accidentally smash it a couple times with a hammer :) Im not joking.

    If you did send it in I would say the only reason they'd get into it is if they wanted to refurbish it, which they do do.
  5. No one is gonna turn you in for weed pics. Now if you are pedo bear, u have a reason to worry.

    My last iPhone shit out on me and I had no way to erase (bad dock connector.) At least 100 or more bud, smoking and plant pics. No issues
  6. for the most part all they're gonna do is wipe the phone so theres no data on it if its repaired and sent back out, or they'll just use it for parts

    as a business they dont have time to look through peoples pics on phones that they're supposed to be repairing
  7. Ok, glad to hear all those responses. takes off alot of worry. Dont know what it covers for sure. But its my second of the same phone. The first one happen to be destroyed by a .38 special and i guess thats not covered haha

  8. I used to repair computers for a living corporate-style (not a mom and pop shop). I had access to lots of things :)

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