Pictures of my plants along with questions

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  1. As far as your setup goes...

    Your grow spot isnt doing the job man :( those plants are pretty lanky and its hard to get the plants to recover once they have streched. Your stalks cant hold the weight of the buds.

    I dont mean to diss your grow or anything and please dont take offence to this. I had a friend that had some that grew that way and they just toppled over and died once he initated flowering.

    IMHO I would move all the florecent light within 6 inches of the plant. Floros are not the most effiecent lighting system but they do work. as for the plant spot..... ditch it and go with a spiral florecent (compact florecent replacement) get one that is the highest wattage you can buy.
  2. No offense taken, that's why I asked. I did howver move the plants closer to the lights, got some stronger lights, and replanted all of them in seperate pots. As for the stems they have trippled in strength since the change so I hope it will help. I will say that the one that I have left under the spot-gro is looking weak still. What if I put a stabilizer of some sort to tie the plant off to? Will that help when flowering begins?
  3. yes you can use a stick to help support it...i had to do that once when i first started...worked well.....Peace out....Sid

  4. I was looking for the pictures you mentioned here.
  5. should be at the top of this is on mine....the pic was took after 3 weeks of veg.....Peace out...Sid
  6. HeLLa FeLLa GC'S,
    Well The one plant that i said was growing all fucked up, Is actully growing all fucked up* It's really deformed but it has some crystals growing off it so Im gonna keep it* I topped both of them last week, and this is week 5 of 24/7 light cycle* There lookin better everyday*

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  14. How big would they be NOW if they WERE still alive?? :rolleyes:
  15. You couldnt do them all on one post lol? nice lookin tho..
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