Pictures of My Old 18 Inch Dome-Stlye Perc GonG

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    Hi GC,

    I just busted out a bong I haven't smoked out of in a long time. I bought this thing at 42 Degrees South in Atlanta about 2 1/2 years ago. It's a No Label, 14mm, Single Dome Perc (No Splashguard! LOL), Diffused, Beaker Bottom, with a 6 notch Ice-Pinch. This thing chugs-a-lugs like a mofo, lol. Still, it's a lot of fun to bust out every once in a while for nostalgic purposes.

    Anyways, thought I might share some pics of one of my oldest bongs with you guys.

    EDIT: See below for milkshot.

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  2. id like to take a rip or three out of that. :smoking:
  3. hah I was just in 42 degrees yesterday. Good choice.
  4. That shit looks sweet!!

    The Duck.
  5. looks nice...
  6. milk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. You musta read my mind, Gleesac, cause I was just looking for the thread to post this milkshot I took with it.


    EDIT: LOL, you can see my "I don't ever use these" slides in the stand on my mantle in the backround.

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  8. nice bog dude, i bet it rips haha
  9. Looks nice.

    What's wrong with chugging? that's what bongs do, you know.... try a lil less water if its a problem.
  10. Nothing wrong man. I have many bongs, this one chugs the most. It's just the style of the perc, it creates more drag than, for example my 4 arm perc'd bong. It's a nostalgic comment from when I used to not know anything about glass. I'm obsessed now.

    Hi, I'm Trikky and I'm a Glass Addict.

    ...there, I said it...
  11. hi trikky....

    i like that tube that 6 notch ice pinch seems slightly un-necessary and i would imagin it would make the glass weaker in that area..but either way i dig that tube

  12. Eh, it's alright. Like I said, it is fun to break out every once in a while. The ice pich is only cool if you have crushed ice to put in it. Other than that, the iextra ice pinches act like a splash guard too, which is nice.
  13. Amazing huh? From single dome perc to KC stemless inline:) Reminds me of my pH(x) 5.0 that I had for like a day. My friend kicked it over, then we threw in on the trinity xl. CRAZY!
  14. nice bong, bet it hits great
  15. how much would something like that go for?

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