Pictures of my new 16 hours a day job.

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    Well, I don't know if you guys remembered, at the end of february I posted the thread about me starting the new job on the stone crushing plant, working 16 hour days...

    ..Well, here's some pictures of the shpeel, it's loud, dusty, and fuckin hard but the pay is so nice, at 20 dollars an hour. Plus, it's night shift, so it's just you and another guy, everythings so much better at night.

    First picture is of the whole plant, with the 52 foot telestacker conveyor belt's end running out of frame.

    Second picture is the hopper where the material gets dumped

    Third picture is the conveyor which takes the crushed rock after its put through the plant and sends it to the telestacker to be put in a pile

    Fourth picture is the conveyor running out of the hopper.

    Fifth pic is of the telestacker and material pile, i'm standing where we are looking in picture 3 on the ground.

    Sixth is of me going into a frozen bank with the loader.

    Seventh is me dumping the rock

    Eighth, a picture of our bobcat

    Ninth, our heated shack with tools and luncroom in back.

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  2. Lol it looks pretty dope congrats man :smoke:

    I hope you're not getting stoned and operating heavy machinery though! :cool:
  3. Damn son looks like hard work...hope you able to get blazed
  4. No comment. :mad:

  5. And I got 2 days off, finally.

    I put in 113 hours this period
  6. damn dude sick gig, need to get some heavy machine qualifications lol do you just drive that around all day?

    doesnt that hurt your back after a while
  7. u shoudl consider twice about posting pics of ur work on a drug website. for real
  8. Well it's not something that I think you'll want to do for the rest of your life, but do it for a while, make bank, and save up a nice chunk of change brother.
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    Yeah this. You have no idea who gets on this website and lurks or even posts, and the larger amount of coworkers or supervisors you have, the better chance of one of them seeing after sometime. And that's not something you want stained on your profile

    It might be different if you were somewhere generic like McDonald's or Walmart where you're just serving the public, but if you have to operate heavy machinery and yours and other people's lives are potentially in jeopardy, that is a different matter; especially if you're lightheartedly pleading the 5th in regards to being intoxicated on the job.

    It's not the fact that you cannot effectively do it, you can effectively do just about anything whilst high, but the general public won't perceive it like that so they'll interpret your attitude towards the subject in a different manner.
  10. cool beans

  11. is anyone REALLY gonna go through all that trouble to find out who this guy is and where he works? i doubt it bro.

    paranoid stoners :rolleyes:
  12. no, but i could, if i wanted to prove a point. thats all. he has posted enough info here to identify him and contact his employer with ease.
  13. Somebody's in the mood to hi-jack a thread.

    I'm not worried at all.
  14. Yes, it's hard on the back, yes it's hard on the arms, it's hard on everything.

    3am comes around and you want to sleep so badly, yet you know you're not gonna hit your bed for at least another 5 and a half hours.

    It's tough work

  15. i give you props man. somebody gotta crush them rocks. +rep

  16. Much respect man! Must be fucking nirvana when you collapse on your bed after a days work.
  17. IT IS!! but i only get 6 hours of sleep at the most, and then I gotta get up and do it all over again
  19. Where do you get off man?? Sounds like shit doing nothing but sleep and work
  20. 16 hours a day, 20 dollars an hour, overtime after 50 hours a week, and 30 an hour overtime.

    16 hours a day * 5 days a week = 80 hours

    50 hours * 20 dollrs an hour = 1000 dollars.

    30 hours * 30 dollars an hour overtime = 900 dollars

    1000 dollars plus 900 dollars = 1900 dollars a week

    1900 dollars a week times 4 weeks = $7600 a month is where I get off


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