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  1. My plant is almost a month old now, I water her 3x a week (once every 2days) and I added nutes last weekend (19-6-12).

    Today I noticed one of the sunleafs are a light green and some others are starting to curl/bend.

    I have plenty of light, and the temperature is between 77-80 average, The humidity is between 45-52 average.

    Should I just cut that leaf off?

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  2. ye if it continues to die then trim it off.
  3. i believe it's going through a nutrient defiency, nitrogen more specifically. And if you cut that leaf off it's just gonna move somewhere else until you fix the deficiency.
  4. flush the soil....and just be sure to let the soil dry out good before far as nutes go i'd feed them every second watering .and if your not sure give em water...
  5. well Im hoping it was a water deficiency. Last wednesday i noticed a soil-odor coming from the grow so I cut back on water from friday-monday. I sprayed the plant on tuesday and noticed the leaf color. Today i checked the soil and it was hard as a rock. I took a sterile knife and moved the soil around and put 2cups of water in. Hopefully this will fix the problem, If not im going to tranrsplant into new soil before.

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