Pictures of girlfriend going around - part 2

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  1. Last thread was WAY too long, so I decided to start a new one.

    *Original --->*

    I was stupid, and didn't listen to your advice. She begged for a second chance, and I ended up not breaking up with her.

    Just found out today - another guy she currently texts used to be "in love" with her. She said how he says things like "I'm horny, wanna help with that?", and how he's jealous of me & how happy I make her.

    Fuck - this. I should've listened to you guys before. She's gone.

    (More of an update thread for those who are still curious..)
  2. tits or gtfo.
  3. Thanks for updating man, the second I saw this thread I thought of the irony because of that last thread haha.

    But seriously man, she deserves to be let go.
  4. Post pics of her on grasscity and maybe a video, that'll really show her
  5. Haha, no worries :wave:

    It's so shitty, man. Waste a month of my life.

    Live and learn, I guess..
  6. Lol

    Yea dude that sucks. It's time to grow a pair and kick her to the curb.
  7. Yuupp. I talked to her today, told her how it's fucked up she has someone texting her those types of things. Her response? "I didn't text them back", get all moody, throw in a few "Oh my god"'s, etc.

    She was yelling at me for "Not trusting her" too, and that she may as well just not talk to ANYONE but me.

    She be crazy.
  8. Wait, so there's no pics? False advertising.

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