pictures how good its looking and if its going to be dank

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  1. im growing hydro its a month into flowering just want 2 know if its look really dank becuz im selling to med stores.. feed back:smoking: P6260026.JPG



  2. let me get an ANSWER!:smoke:
  3. I sell to clubs as well. Honestly most clubs are manned by morons so you don't have a whole lot to worry about. Just make sure you cure it really well that always helps the sell. Also look for unquie strains that you can't get through the clubs.
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  4. sure as shit looks like some dank to me.:hello:
  5. should be able to make some nice hash with the trim too i would imagine..

  6. why do people do this? Lol to show off? its like you know it looks good but you want to brag about it.. I get it.. your happy you grew pot.

    But its like thats all that people post now-a-days "IS MY WEED PLANT LOOK GOOD?!?" thats it. Thats all I ever read.

  7. Did you drop in just to say that shit? I like these types of posts. Obviously some others do too....

    To the OP : Those look dank as shit. Especially for 4 weeks in. Mine don't look quite that nice and i'm on wk5, but they're a 60/40 sativa/indica so its a bit slow sosmetimes.What strains do you have going?
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    Well we can't really tell anyone but the CITY!!

    You know the 1st and 2nd rule!:D:wave:

  9. ... why are you in the general indoor growing section if you don't like to see pictures of weed plants?

  10. Yeah, they look great! :smoking:
  11. How do you get into the business of growing for clubs? I've been growing for a while now and I've gotten it down to a T but up to date I've only grown for personal use. How would i go about working together with a dispensary?
  12. First it helps to know owner/employees. Have unique weed. Have a variety. Take requests. Only sell highest quality bud. And under cut the competition. I sell the dankest Pure AfganiX Pure hashplant. $25 a 8th and make enough for me to pay for upkeep, electricity, new strains and mortgage. (The average 8th goes for 40 to 60) Overall conduct yourself like adult businessman not some street peddler.
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  13. thanks for the feedback its my first grow ever. u just ask them if they buy weed and if they do your in lol, just ask around. i live in orange county now so its a little easier to find stores that buy than LA. im growing querkle, afghan, master kush, and some others outdoor.

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