*pictures* any advice would help:)

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  1. I know about trichome development and such but I was wondering;

    1. By the look of these pictures if they look to early to harvest? I took these about a week ago and plan on waiting about a week from today to harvest. What does everybody else think? im not sure of exact for flowering. prob a little over a month ago.

    2. Any Idea of strain on those 2 kinds? Atleast if they are idica or sativa? these were all from a shwag bag so i have no idea. their are 6 plants total, but their might only be 4 in the picture. the extremely purple plant is the cola thats really purple.

  2. pictures?:rolleyes:
  3. If its not too could give em a few days, but otherwise id say pluck em
  4. give em that extra week. unless there is frost. another way u could go about the harvest is determining the red hair ratio. it seems like ur hairs are just startin to turn. so let them red up a bit about 70-80% red hair coverage will get u good smoke too!

    Hope i helped.
  5. damn!

    those are gorgeous, im jealous!

    i hope your happy smoking that shit with pink pistils, ive been trying to get mine to do that. it seems to be when a perfect balance of temps happens outdoors.

    maybe an effect related to the sun?

    if anyones done this indoors lemme know

    their prolly ready by now btw

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